Friday, March 31, 2006

My Family and Other Animals

Im finally feeling better and have suddenly awakened to the fact that our digital camera is back within reach. I haven't had it for most of the last year as Hubband took it with him on his deployments. Inspired by Queenie's cat pics, I decided to try to capture the wildlife in OUR house....

Titania: our grey girl, also known as "pigeon". As pictured here, she has just been rudely awakened from her nap on the laptop by a camera flashing inches from her nose. This sleepy expression is, however, indicative of her usual state.
(see below, sleeping on the laptop. Its not as if there were more room on the desk anywhere or anything....)

Oberon, the resident paws-the-size-of-tea-trays baby panther. He can go from sleepy (above) to ferocious (below) in just the click of a shutter.

And finally....

Observed here outside his natural habitat (photo taken at his Dad's house), the hubband is wary of cameras and apt to pounce on the photographer with no... ok, LITTLE provocation. After all, he's married the other critter in residence, who can, despite that innocent mein, be quite provoking....

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Weekend Revelry

This last weekend Hubband and I went to Portland for a combo welcome back/birthday party. (Yesterday was Hubband and Pooleyaticus' birthday! Yes, they have the same bday...4 years apart). Anyway, fun times abounded and I thought Id share this pic of all the cousins with Grandma Boyd....

I had lots to say when I started this post, but Im sick and found that all my creativity must have left last time I blew my nose. Hopefully I'll find it lying around here somewhere soon and can make a "real" entry. Until then, my sinuses and I will resume our battle. Bye for now...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Homecoming etc

Hey all... just trying to get back into the swing of normal life now that Hubband has started back to work at the hospital. We had a great few days! Pooleyaticus has some great pics of the homecoming posted here.

Must run, but will leave you all with a picture for your enjoyment....We aren't sure if he's a relative, but he's wearing the right tartan!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Thursday, March 09, 2006


My BIL, Ethan, got himself a great new job! Hurrah! Good luck at the new "digs", E!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Its a GIRL!

Congrats to Q and her H-U. Its a GIRL! They found out at their ultrasound earlier today. I got to see the pictures and she's BEAUTIFUL. :-) Check out Q's blog to see those same pics!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Babies, Birds, and Bruises

As homecoming draws nearer and nearer, I find my sleep patterns are getting weirder and weirder and my schedule is getting more and more packed with MUST DO THIS NOW type things that all could be easily done if only my schedule didn't CHANGE suddenly. Today, for instance...

I woke up this morning with the knowledge of work to do, a friend to help out, and a 2nd mom to assist. Everything was scheduled out carefully and I should have had time this afternoon to bleach treat my kitchen, bathroom, and entry floors. The day SO didn't go like I'd planned.

I woke up with a gasp and goosebumps after one of those waking dreams where you CANT open your eyes. In the dream I heard someone come into my house, up the stairs, and into my room, then lean over the bed to look at me. A voice (which in the back of my head I said was Andy's) whispered "Look up" and I woke up. >shiver< Was SO freaky. Anyway, so I woke up, rolled over and called my sister. We had a nice chat, and I spoke briefly with Jackson (Hi Danty. Duckie. Byebye!), then headed up to work.

Sat down and downloaded my work, sorted through everything and got the labels correctly made for each set before I realized that my printer cartridge had finally given up the ghost and I hadn't had time to run to Office Max yet for a new one. I needed it to finish the work, so figured I'd get it after I met with Q and be able still to finish everything and do the floors. Then I got a call from Q and we realized that to get the truck and stuff we needed to pick up the changing table for her baby and move the cabinet here that they were giving us we'd need to do it sooner rather than later (Had to rent the truck from home depot). I figured lunch hour was the best time, so I ran to the bedroom and threw on clothes, then out the door.

The getting of the stuff was an experience in itself... suffice it to say that nothing went right and I was about an hour late getting back. Called 2nd mom quickly to work on the dissertation before sundown her time and was interrupted by a flurry of wings and chirps and squeaks from my fireplace. I put my neck through various contortions and finally was able to see some sort of winged fluffy looking creature with spots hanging from the damper. Tried to get it down and ended up scaring myself more than it! I called the Q and her hub-unit who BOTH came because they wanted to see what it was and take a picture (turned out to be a big spotted bird of some sort, but we thought it might be an owl or a bat at first). Got it out finally by banging the broom for the fireplace around up the vent until it fell from the damper (startling me so badly I whanged my arm into the metal casing and have a very large "contusion" on my right wrist now). The poor bird zoomed around the room for a minute panicking before Q's HU was able to get the patio door open and shoo it gently through. Once they had laughed themselves out the door, I vaccuumed the soot, finished talking to Mama and the changes on the paper, then ran to Office Max.

I got home to a slightly firm sounding email and had to make some homecoming phone calls to the family since the Navy needed more information from everyone for their base passes. By the time I got off the phone, the East coast office was long closed and I still hadn't done but a smidgen of work, let alone the floors! At that point, it was nearing Sabbath and I made the executive decision to finish tomorrow night and Sunday since it was so close to Sabbath. With that, I went in to take a bath and am now thinking seriously about an "early to bed" night.

What a day! Its frightening when I think that today was LESS scheduled than all of next week is. How on EARTH am I going to get everything ready?! At least the shopping is done (except for grocery shopping, and balloons, and the dollar store for New Year's decor), and the big projects except the bleach of the floors are done, so its all cleaning and decorating and laundry and work and sewing projects and dyeing some fabric with Q and picking up dry cleaning and getting my hair cut.............

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I know it looks like something's wrong... but in this picture Andrew is actually proposing to me. :-) This pic is from December 25, 2003.

La Conner and CSI

Went on a Girl's Day Out today with Queenie and 2 other gals. We had a blast, and somehow they convinced me to buy something when I had VOWED not to buy anything. Of course, once I tried it on and they all gushed about how much hubband would ADORE it... I gave in. Im such a sucker. It is a really neat shirt... photos ... MAYBE to follow.

I just borrowed CSI season 5 from Q and have been watching them the last couple evenings. I use them as stress relief... we've got a rush deadline at work right now and Im putting in some extra hours every day trying to get the writing done. We're looking pretty good, but its gonna be an interesting week.

Now, just for fun.... Im going to go find a random historical photo to post and then get back to rheumatology. :-)