Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Im a horrible cat-mom

I finally got Oberon taken into the vet today, and cried halfway home. >sigh< He is ok, at least as far as we know, but I had to help them put him into a "Squeeze Cage" so they could immobilize him to draw blood and knock him out so they could complete the rest of the physical exam. He wouldn't let the vet touch him. He is DREADFULLY scared of her for some reason. Wasn't this bad other times he was in there... although once when they cut his nails, they literally immobilized him on the table. Poor kitty. He gave me such a pitiful look when I left the room and he was stuck in the cage. >sniffle<

The rest of the day has been fairly uneventful. I've spend most of it trying to get the new computer my office shipped out here working properly. Im not joking when I say that it took me TWO HOURS to find out why the cursor arrow kept drifting up and to the right... the pointer stick, you know that little thing they hide i nthe middle of laptop keyboards? yeah, that thing, was stuck or jammed or something. I disabled and enabled everything I could think of before Judd asked if that thing was installed. >sigh< Oh well, got that and the address book and the server and the vpn issues all solved. Hurray! Now I have a nice big monitor and a good keyboard, and Windows XP... w00t!

Am off to a movie tonight with Queenie and her Hub-unit. We're going to take in Brothers Grimm and see if it really is as bad as allt he reviews say it is. hehe.

The storm that was Katrina has hit Norfolk and the base there is wet and ... stormy. :-) He'll be heading out soon. Prayers!! Photos and such to come as he sends them. :-)

I'll be back in blog land tomorrow, Im sure, updating all you people (hello? anybody out there?) on Obie's health and mental well-being (ie, whether or not he destroyed me with a single kitty-glance when I picked him up in the morning)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Navy Widow... Countdown has begun and is at T minus 6 months+

Close your eyes and it will all be right....The song is strangely appropriate.

Ok, now for the blog to end all blogs! Well, in length anyway! Im sorry I haven't written, but my priority was being with Andrew during the 3 weeks between the last cruise and deployment, including our vacation to CT and CA to say "goodbye" and "hello" to my side of the family, a weekend in Portland to do the same with his family, and running around town like fiends trying to get everything taken care of before he left... I think we did pretty good!
Some of our activities included: Having dinner with all our friends to say "Goodbye" to Andy, doing a photo shoot for our annual "family" picture (I got him to wear his uniform. w00t!!), throwing a small little soiree for Queenie's bday, cleaning out the garage, getting the car serviced, medical appointments, etc. All of this while A was working from 6 am until 730 or 8 every night! My poor love. :-(

We also got 2 chairs for our dining table, moved Andy's piano out of his Aunt's garage and into our house (THAT was an experience... me and 4 strapping Navy boys all grunting and straining to get that stupid thing off the truck WITHOUT A RAMP and into our house! I made peach crisp for all of us to "settle" was a big hit!),bought and set up a bed (headboard, footboard, rails), a new desk for my office (l-shaped with FILES!), cleaned out Andy's office, started setting up a server, cleaned off about 17 gb of data from A's computer, did approximately 11 loads of laundry each week (Hubband had laundry from the ship, for the ship, and from home...what a mess! Meanwhile, IM almost out of underwear...), and I cooked him all his favorite meals. We also went out to eat a couple times, and "celebrated" our anniversary with a special dinner at home. PHEW!

In the course of all these activities, we had a couple of standout moments:

* While at San Remo, one of our favorite restaurants here in town, we were chatting while waiting for our meals, and were holding hands across the table. Our food came, and we were enjoying it, paying little attention to the world around us. Our waitress came over to check on us and said "You two are so much in love! I just have to tell you how wonderful it is to see. We were watching you guys from the kitchen and all of us commented on how obvious it was that you love each other." COOL! She asked us a few questions and was surprised that we have been married for a year. heheh. Thought we had just started dating or something. Course, we didn't tell her about the BIG DEPLOYMENT SEPARATION... but we did give her a good tip. :-)
* While cleaning off A's computer, we came across some untitled music clips, clicked on one and it was the song we did our first dance to at the wedding... so we danced to it again, in our pajamas and slippers...
*I learned how to make Queenie's famous FANTABULOUS flank steak, although I didn't tenderize it quite enough... it still tasted great! And I made Andy's favorite cinnamon chip cookies...
* Played cards with the cousins and in-laws in Portland...including Murray, who had flown out from London to surprise his fiance for her birthday. Had a GRAND time, even when I embarrassed A and I both by turning into my mother and telling him to eat only one cookie at a time. >sigh< Don't know where THAT came from, but the rest of the gang thought it HILARIOUS.
* Sneaking notes into Andy's seabag while he packed...

And that's about it... at least for the highlights version. :-) Im off now to work, puttin' in time and countin' down the months...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The 2 Diet of NonFood

I know it has been a YEAR since I posted, and my family at least is probably slavering at the mouth to find out WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING TO THE BOYDS! Or not. Hmmm.

Ok, well, here it is anyway in brief: We have been busy. :-) There. Now, onto more important things.

I decided this morning I was on the 2 diet. I had 2 of everything, stripples, scrambled herbed cheesy eggs, eggos with butter, and cups of coffee. I felt dreadfully about this tasty repast until I discovered the following facts about my indulgent "2 diet" breakfast:
1. I eat nutrigrain eggos because they are less greasy and have, I believe, more flavor. They also are lower in fat... by about 50% of regular eggos.
2. I scrambled 2 eggs, with nonfat milk and sharp cheddar cheese made from 2% milk (i.e. lower in fat), along with a selection of choice herbs and spices (0 fat).
3. my coffee is decaf this morning, and I used splenda and nonfat milk
4. the butter on my eggos? yeah, its NOTHING. Seriously! The squirt butter of I Can't Believe Its Not Butter has NOTHING IN IT. 0 fat, 0 carbs, 0 protein, 0 calories... its truly a non food... like Diet Rite.
5. Stripples... bacon substitute made with soy and containing approximately 10% the amount of fat as pork bacon and about 50% that of turkey bacon!

So. I felt much better about my indulgence until I then realized that most of my breakfast was NON FOOD food items. I hope the eggs are strong enough to battle through and provide at least some nourishment...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Vacation! Here we are holding on for dear life so the wind doesn't blow us away. I literally was pushed around, it was so strong. Fun times! Vacay blog will be coming soon. Im SO behind with work that Im going to remain slightly silent for a bit yet... thanks for checking in!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Fairy Wings a Diaper and a Lei

Hi all! I write to you from vacation in the sunny state of Connecticut to say... WE'RE NOT HOME! I'LL WRITE MORE LATER! But of course then I think of all sorts of things to say....

Grace's 2nd birthday party was yesterday, complete with balloons, hula music, and fancy cakes enjoyed by about 20 adults and 15 kids ranging from 8 months to 12 years old...the food part of the party was completed about the time the adults got into the games with the kids and we all were running around the yard making "Squee" noises. Ash summed it up well as we family members were collapsed in various exhausted piles on the couches at about 9 pm last night and Grace came running though..."You know it's a good party when you are running around an hour after bedtime wearing nothing but a diaper, fairy wings, and a plastic lei!"

Tons of fun. :-)

Im losing my pirated wireless signal, so that'll have to do for now. If not before, I'll be back to chat with ya'll next week! Complete with pictures (Even some of G in her diaper and fairy wings)....