Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Wedding Cake

As most of you know, I was hired to create my first ever wedding cake for this weekend. The wedding was this afternoon, and here are some pictures of the finished product! What do you think?

To answer some of the questions...
1) All the flowers are silk, to match the silk ones in the bride's bouquet (the roses) and to complement those roses (the red "coral" and hyacinth)
2) Why make creme brulee when I know the QUEEN will make it for me? :-)
3) I designed the whole thing, from top to bottom, and did all the flower combinations, too. I think the flower placement and combinations took me almost as long as assembly on the day of the wedding! I had no 2nd opinions, so I'd place them, look at them for a few minutes, move them, place them again, stare intently, fix the frosting, move them.... you get the idea. hehe.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Not so prolific lately

For some reason I have had trouble coming up with the energy (ENERGY?) to write lately. I think almost daily "I should post today" and nothing comes of it. It isn't as though we don't have a lot going on to be written about.... renovations, the tree that blew over in a storm last weekend and smooshed part of our pool, Ella getting bigger every day and finding my bladder a GREAT trampoline, Hubband passing all his classes, Christmas shopping, the church Christmas program... all of these things have been part of our life for the last 2 weeks, but have I felt up to putting them into an interesting post? No. And here I am posting a wordy excuse that basically just says my words are lost.

Can you help me find them, or did they vanish along with half of my memory when I got pregnant?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's that time of year....

He was helping put the top section on... Helping. Really.

Ribbon draping requires height....

Hubband and the Dragon

Like St. George in days of old, Hubband has slain his personal dragon! The firebreathing calculus monster has been defeated once and for all with a whopping B! Hurrah! Congrats love!

Monday, December 10, 2007

28 Weeks

Is it any wonder I feel like a cumbersome whale every time I try to move around?

My 4-year-old niece saw the picture on her mom's computer screen and said "Is that Aunt Chrissy? she looks funny? Her tummy is fat! Is that a basketball or WHAT?"

Of course, she then clarified that she KNEW it was a BABY, but that JAMES (her younger brother) thought it was a basketball. Which could be true, after all, he saw the picture and started babbling and pointing and he is all boy so the ball concept could be what got him excited.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Ok, so I didn't get this up the "next day", but I've been busy! and tired! and busy! See, good excuses all around.

Our trip west was wonderful, fast, busy, tiring, and expensive, as all the best trips are. We spent the actual holiday with my mother-in-law, sister and brother-in-law, and new nephew.

On Friday, we met Hubband's dad for lunch and spent some time with he and his wife in the afternoon, perusing the Pooleyatici house addition and opening some early Christmas presents. We spent Friday evening and Sabbath morning lazing and chatting and generally just having a grand time with C-Mom at her place before diving into the car for the trip back to Portland. Made it there just in time for our photo sitting and got the welcome news that 2 of our close friends in the area were going to be able to be in the same place at the same time for a while that evening. We pounced on the opportunity and got to meet the 2 newest members of their respective families, Sawyer and Brayden. It was great to see all 4 of them, and the 2 hours or so we spent chatting and cooing at babies went by much too fast.
(Faye and Brayden)
(Sawyer giving me his shy grin)
(Triple trouble!)

On Sunday we were treated a repeat of Thanksgiving at Hubband's aunt and uncle's house and got to spend some time just chatting with the fam.

On Monday we ran errands and spent some time with our friend Ronnie (No pics thanks to a dead camera battery! Ronnie, did that one shot we wrung from your battery turn out?! If so, please send it!!!) before a nice relaxing evening with Dad and Janis at their place. Then it was up and at 'em bright and early Tuesday to come back home. Hubband had a chem test on Wednesday am and I was back to work... no rest for the weary!

Im leary of posting the picture, below, because the angle has me looking like a roosting hen rather than a nicely pregnant woman... however, it was the only shot of the 2 of us taken all weekend (Thanks for grabbing our camera, Nate!!) and I think our expressions show what a good time we had. After not seeing most of Hubband's family in over 18 months it also was a sort of balm to the soul. Now, if we could only figure out how to get to NYC in January....Know any good banks that are available to rob? ha. ha. sigh.