Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crowning Achievement


I think it adds to the whole appearance of the house, don't you? Hubband moved the mailbox (now we know when the mailwoman has come!) as well as creating the handrails themselves. Mayn't look like a huge change, but when you take it as a whole? We've put up the porch light (there was none before), replaced the broken windows, redone the patio (the boards were upside down so the water pooled instead of running off), built the rail, and fixed the security door. Anyway, we now have a beautiful railing and the patio is safe and all that's left is to decide on a color for the shutters and trim....
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tooth Watch 2008

We are in the phase of teething where to all appearances the tooth (teeth, she has 3 visible) will erupt at any moment... and a week later we still are waiting. There are pronounced ridges in her gums, she sometimes pulls off with a grimace while nursing, she wakes up in the night or from her nap howling in pain--all the signs and symptoms! Every morning we ask her to show us her gums and see if those pesky guys have popped out in the night. To date, we're still waiting. Apparently her teeth are as stubborn as her parents. They may stay in hiding for weeks at this rate, but you never know, they may also just pop up when least expected so for the moment? Tooth Watch 2008 continues. We will update you as further information becomes available.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Dare You Not to Laugh....

I've Got Rhythm.... I've Got Music.... I've Got My Gal, Who Could Ask for Anything More?

Eleanor has hit the stage of her development where not only does she adore music, try to "sing" with us, etc., but she also has perfect rhythm. On Sabbath during her Dedication Day BBQ Brian and Dan were jamming on their guitars and Hubband was vocalizing with them and we noticed El was bouncing and stomping one foot in perfect rhythm. To determine if she was doing so as a fluke, the guys changed rhythm suddenly and she paused, waved her arms, laughed, and started in again in perfect rhythm with the new song!

On Monday, Hubband noticed her tapping out a rhythm on her carseat while she waited for us to carry her to the car. He started tapping a rhythm and she listened carefully, then mimicked back to him! They went through several rhythms before she got bored and responded by hollering AAAAHHHH GAHHHHHHH!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Another Milestone

This has been a big weekend for Ella-Belle! We had a host of other firsts as well, including... she petted the dog, played with Obie, watched Titai, recognized mommy across a room without mommy speaking first, turned to listen/watch Daddy when she heard his voice. Fun eh?

Please excuse the spit up in the video... kind of disgusting, but we didn't realize it was more than a mere "ptooey" until she'd rolled over. hehe.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

She Takes After Her Dad.....

Chattanooga weekend

On Thursday, my "adopted" uncle, Bill Clemons, passed away suddenly at his home in Collegedale, TN. We were able to drive over for his memorial service and spend some time with the family. My "2nd" parents came down for the service from MI (Uncle Bill was 2nd Dad's Brother-in-law) and were able to meet Ella for the first time...She also met her "Nana" Leola and was passed around to other family members like a little hot potato. We really felt that God had maneuvered the world so we could go for the service, and I hope we were able to help ease things for the family. Hubband ended up singing a hymn for the service and felt really honored to be a part of the memorial.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Telling Tales...

Once upon a time, there was a small bee. Her name was Very Small Bee and she was no bigger than my fist. See?

Very Small Bee was looking for flowers to press in her encyclopedia to make the pages more interesting. It was a beautiful day, and soon she forgot to look for flowers and started pretending she was a bumblebee, whizzing around and darting suddenly in different directions, giggling at the reactions of everyone she passed.
As she zipped around the corner of the Bigbee House on Man Lane, she nearly caromed into Very Tall Tree. The collision was avoided only by the quick flinch of Tall Tree and the breath of Mr Storm that pushed Very Small Bee off course. Very Tall Tree shuddered a little, thinking of the barely averted accident.
Very Small Bee laughed and laughed because her flight had been fast, and her approach sudden, but she was a Very Small Bee, after all, and the tree was a Very Tall Tree and she had scared him! Very Small Bee felt powerful and strong and strutted a little on Tall Tree's leaves.
"Shame on you Very Small Bee" said the Very Tall Tree. "Did your mother never tell you how you should think of others and be kind and thoughtful? You frightened the acorns off of me, now all of my squirrels will have to go all the way to Ground Level to gather their nuts and be in danger of being caught by Large Brown Dog or Schizoid Black Cat. I know you were having fun, but you must remember that all that you do affects others you come in contact with."
"I'm sorry, Very Tall Tree." Said Very Small Bee in a quiet voice. "I did not realize that I was being so unkind. Will you forgive me?"
Very Tall Tree smiled down at her. "Of course, Small Bee! I'm not telling you you cannot have fun, just be careful, ok? I do not want you to get hurt any more than I want to save myself and my friends from pain!"
Very Small Bee hugged Very Tall Tree and set off again, looking for a nice blue flower to add to her collection. And as she flew she was a much calmer, humble, and thoughtful bee.

Once in a while...

The perfect picture only happens once in a while, and it is NEVER planned. I snapped this shot "off the cuff" as she was having tummy time in her crib yesterday morning and it couldn't have turned out better! I think this has become one of my all time favorites...