Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sick and Tired

That's been me the last few days/weeks. In fact, it feels like Ive been sick for months. Im finally starting to feel a little better, but ... Im tired of the whole cycle. >sigh<

In good news, Hubband has his audition for scholarship today...they rescheduled it for a non-Sabbath day for him. :-)

Friday, February 23, 2007

Through the Looking Glass...

There are 2 animals in our house who very rarely make an appearance. One is a small, slightly scruffy brown dog with a big curl in the middle of her back and perky ears and the other is a slightly aged black cat with rickety back legs and a curious face. They look remarkably like Priscilla and Oberon, but they live in this little silver frame in the corner of the foyer. They only appear when Pris or Obie (or both) are in the corner, but they are VERY playful.

Yes, there is a mirror in the corner, leaning on the wall to be hung at some later date... and the animals love it. Pris dances, Obie prances, they rush it, they pat it, they sniff it, they dart back and forth to see if that other dog/cat will reappear.

So much for the theory that animals can't see their reflection!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Daffodils and Cloudbeams

I think Spring is finally on her way. We've had weather in the 60s the last few days and yesterday, when we went for a walk with Priscilla, there were daffodils in the yards we passed. No sunshine for days, but daffodils and cloudbeams are fine with me.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

So Long...

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. The dinner party went great, we had about 17 people total show up! The youth group-led Sabbath the next day went great as well. We all had a blast, and I think most (me and Hubband at least for sure!) received a blessing both from participating and from attending.

Since then, Ive been sick, well, busy, happy, sad, and slightly manic. Which means... other than having less time to do what I enjoy doing most (being lazy with my husband), life has been normal! We did have a ton of snow, and had great fun playing in the snow with the Bean (our nickname for Priscilla).

We spent a few days in Oak Harbor (a.k.a. ye old Rock) for the wedding of our dear friends Matthew and Jennifer (see the blushing bride below!).
While we were there, I got to hang out with Queenie, Bruce, and the Danger Mouse. We played with their Wii (and got totally addicted!), with the Mouse (and fell more in love!), and did the whole eat, drink, and be merry thing that seems to follow our crowd around with happy regularity.

On Monday, the girls all went to Seattle to hang at the Pike Place Market. I'd never been before, so Hummingboyd, Momboyd, Queenie and I all took off with purses in tow to spend some green.

There is other good news, but I can't broadcast it here until the recipient has spread the word a little bit. There is family who will not find out for a couple days yet... just so it's perfect! No, its not about ME.... but otherwise you've probably got it right!

Oh, and in other news? Queenie and I decided to get wild and crazy... See if you can spot what we did in the pic below....

We're such dorks............