Monday, January 30, 2006


Hello all my faithful readers (are there actually >10 of you now?!). Just a quick note to update... my nephews are doing great. Jacob is growing like a little weed (he is now nearly 8 lbs!) and Jackson is running me ragged with great glee. Nic is getting better, but sadly, Ashley is in the hospital because Jaime is a little too interested in joining the world. He's still got about 3 months of percolating to do, so the docs have put her on strict bedrest and she is in the hospital for monitoring. Hubband will be home soon, so that is nice...


Im off now to try and get some sleep. Will have much more to say when I get home.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hubband Safely Back at Sea

Hubband has made it safely back to his ship from the Iraq detachment. Two months of sand... he's happy to be "home" on the ship. :-) Just thought I'd let y'all know that my neuroses will be at least slightly alleviated now that he's out of the desert. hehe.

You Never Grow Out Of It... I Promise!

Im sure many of you were, like me, total nerds in high school. Well, ok, so I wasn't a TOTAL nerd. The popular people knew my name... but I was never quite sure if that was just I went to a small school or if I just barely scraped by at the top of geekdom. Anyway, after college (where my acting skills lifted slightly out of the morass of high school geekiness) and living in NYC, I thought I was done making stupid mistakes, acting without thinking, and just in general making a fool of myself quite thourougly.


Here's the story of my awakening: My friend Queenie and her Hub-Unit have really taken me under their wing since hubband left and barely a week goes by that Im not invited to their home for a fabulous and gourmet homecooked meal. I try to reciprocate (and occasionally come up with a winner here at my place... like my allspice braised beef with onions...), but am very much not in the same class of cooking and hosting and hospitaliting (hopefully the ladies in my family don't faint on reading that as I was brought up to be a good SOUTHERN WOMAN and we ALWAYS hostess well...). Anyway, Im really just distracting you from the main point of my story here because its quite embarrassing, but since I started I'll get back to it.


Tonight after pottery, Q invited me to her place for some homemade Channa Del Sorba (I think I spelled that right) with garlic rubbed toasted como bread and a celery salad with shaved parmesan. We got to their place and I had her put me to work chopping vegetables, cause Im really good with the chopping! After that was done, I was wandering around the kitchen trying to find ways to make myself useful and we discovered that the water had boiled away completely around the split peas and tomatos for the soup. Had a brief half-discussion about maybe adding a touch of water and I picked up the glass next to the stove, poured about half a cup of the clear liquid into the pot and just as I opened my mouth to ask Q why the soup was fizzing suddenly, she shrieked with horror (and I hope a little amusement) and said THAT WAS 7-UP!


Yes, in my zeal to help I put 7-up in the soup. Not only did I put 7-up in the soup, I did it in someone elses kitchen, by sticking my nose in where it CLEARLY was not needed.

Its a good thing they love me, and Q knows enough about cooking to know most of the flavor of the soda would boil off as the soup simmered because otherwise I think I would be banned from their house forever... no more pizza and video game parties, or dinners with comedy on tv... unless they took place at MY house... and THEY brought the food.

So like I said, Im just lucky they love me and know USUALLY I can cook... otherwise I think I'd be up a creek without a can of beans...

Monday, January 16, 2006

All the News that's fit to print

BABIES: Queenie and Wendy are passing through morning sickness. Nicole and Jacob have returned home, hurrah! Nothing else to report.

HOME: The entire downstairs got a good cleaning on Thursday afternoon. The upstairs was to have been cleaned today but I got distracted by more important things (see FRIENDS, below). Carpenter ants are back. I killed one in my sink tonight before I could brush my teeth. >shudder< Can't seem to get rid of the darn things no matter how many times they spray.

FRIENDS: Spent Friday evening being pampered by Q and her hub-unit after being sick all day. Had pasta with smoked salmon and a creamy vodka sauce that was delish. Might sound odd since I had been sick that day, but not having to cook was blissful...and it was so mild and yummy that my tummy had no problems with it at all. Spent almost all day today back at their place playing harry potter and the goblet of fire on the xbox. They bought the game yesterday and needed a 3rd to properly play. Course, I can't really play these things very well. My character usually ends up running around in the wrong place at the wrong time aiming at the wrong thing... but we had fun. :-) Took us about 8.5 hours to beat the game, with time out in the middle for pizza and a disney flick. (SEE! Much more important than housecleaning!)

CATS: slept all weekend. slept all day. still sleeping (they ate 10 minutes ago). They are unaware that I will be leaving in a few days so still are acting normal and not tearing the place apart....

FAMILY: Twin is spazzing because her hubby and I ganged up on her about getting extra help until the end of her pregnancy (she's having some difficulties). I have a feeling she still won the argument, even though it was 2:1. She has a habit of doing that. If only I could learn the trick.... Nicole and Jacob are home, with Jason and Jax and Aunt Debbie. Im heading out there Thursday night/Friday morning to help out for a bit. Dad and Lori will be there for the weekend, too, so it should be a fun party. We'll be reading the letters from mama and doing an Africa retrospective, so that should be fun. (Those of you who dont know, my Grandma sent me a packet of letters my mom had written her when we were missionaries in Tanzania. GREAT fun to read, mostly cause its like having mama back again...Im going to use them to write a book...) 2nd Mama finished her dissertation and we got it edited and mailed out for her defense next week. :-) Go Mama!

HUBBAND: He's leaving the desert tomorrow and heading for blue water again. Thank GOD! Homecoming is creeping ever closer. Sometimes I think that its been bogged down in molasses...he's doing good, though, and we've had a great time lately discussing all kinds of Biblical issues, church doctrine, etc.

Ok. For now, that's all the news that's fit to print. Im sure there will be more that I COULD have written, but its late and I wanna get to bed. :-) SO for now. Good night... and Good Luck!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jacob Daniel Woodside

Here he is! Jacob joined us at 2:08 ET this afternoon, weighing in at 6lbs and 12 oz. He is a tall one, at 19 inches! Welcome, Jakey!!

The Pregnancy Bug

My neighbor, Christina, has been on bedrest for months due to extreme preeclampsia and went in this afternoon for an emergency c-section. Im going to go visit her in the hospital tomorrow, and meet her new little boy. Congrats to her and Aaron for the addition to their family! I can't wait to meet him. :-)

Furthermore...tomorrow is also a big baby day, since my nephew will be born at 1:30 pm at Stamford Hospital (also via C-section, for those of you who think Im bluffing about knowing the day and time!)! Hurrah! We had a brief scare today that they might have to postpone the surgery, but it ended up fine and everything is on track! Jacob has percolated just enough and I can't wait to meet him. I don't what I'll do since they don't have a digital camera... I'll just have to WAIT until I fly out there next weekend to see him I guess (grrrr. Im impatient). I'll do a post and let ya'll know about him as soon as he arrives!

In the meantime, a friend who is pregnant was recently "downsized" from a large franchise here in town. Now, this franchise (which shall go unnamed at the moment... but only for the moment!) is supposedly in the middle of nationwide downsizing. They told her that they had completed "secret" reviews of everyones performance and that is how they determined the three to fire. HOWEVER, they wouldnt' tell her the things they reviewed her on, or how she did ... AND the other two people they fired? Another pregnant woman (who will deliver within the next couple of weeks) and a woman who is nearing retirement age. Now, what does that sound like to you? To me, and to the random woman I met in the libary yesterday (an HR consultant), it sounds like discrimination. I've advised my friend (through another friend since I haven't seen her since it happened) to seek some sort of justice from this. Not necessarily suing or anything like that, but at least determining their "official" reasons for firing her.

In the meantime, Queenie is finally waving goodbye to morning sickness, the Bossman's wife is happy as a clam, Ashley is craving chocolate cake (and therefore OBVIOUSLY doing well), and Stephanie is about to deliver her son this month, rounding out my current list of pregnant women.

Please pray for my sister tomorrow as she goes through surgery, and for Jacob as he is welcomed into this world. Also, please pray for "Wendy" as she looks for a job...She is a strong and capable and intelligent woman, we just need to find a place for her that will appreciate her properly! And be careful... the pregnancy bug seems to be going around.... and it might be catching!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

More pics just in!

Hubband with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Hubband with Diana Degarmo after attending his first ever USO show!