Wednesday, March 01, 2006

La Conner and CSI

Went on a Girl's Day Out today with Queenie and 2 other gals. We had a blast, and somehow they convinced me to buy something when I had VOWED not to buy anything. Of course, once I tried it on and they all gushed about how much hubband would ADORE it... I gave in. Im such a sucker. It is a really neat shirt... photos ... MAYBE to follow.

I just borrowed CSI season 5 from Q and have been watching them the last couple evenings. I use them as stress relief... we've got a rush deadline at work right now and Im putting in some extra hours every day trying to get the writing done. We're looking pretty good, but its gonna be an interesting week.

Now, just for fun.... Im going to go find a random historical photo to post and then get back to rheumatology. :-)

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