Friday, April 29, 2005

Historical Incidents of Interest

Ok, so there have been a couple of things that happened this week that I just have to share for posterity. One is funny/stupid and the other is just plain cool.

Funny Stupid Happening at the Boyd Residence

Andrew and I were getting ready to make dinner the other night and I noticed a little puddle of brownish fluid. Now, puddles of fluid do NOT appear in my kitchen. I have a rule. So I grab a paper towel to wipe out the offending puddle and... the towel sticks to it. I look up, and running down the hood of the stove is a trickle of the brown stuff! ACK! Husband gets into the picture and opens the cabinet to find that in the course of putting something back into the cupboard at some point, we accidentally put a hole in the ENORMOUS honey jar we bought at costco. The cabinet had honey all over the bottom, dripping through the cracks onto the hood, filling the cavern between the hood and the cupboard, etc. I was horrified.... and we're still trying to get it all out of that space between the hood and cupboard. Husband thought it was funny. >sigh<

Cool Thing That Happened On the Way Home From Pathfinder Fair

We had just turned the corner to approach Deception Pass Bridge when a Golden Eagle dove from the right across the road, snatched a squirrel/rat from the grass and lifted back up with it....about 5 feet in front of our car! A put on the brakes REAL fast or we would have hit him, but oh... it was soo amazing to see that! It was so close you could see his feathers and the look on the little rodent's face and the claws, etc. Awesome! The bird was HUGE, too...

Ok, posterity should be happy now. :-) Im off to eat breakfast and see if any more honey has appeared overnight.... if so. THE BLEACH IS WAITING! >evil laugh<

Monday, April 25, 2005


Yes. I have made up a word in my quest to NOT do the several tons of work that are sitting on my poor, overworked desktop. In fact, there is SO much work to do that procrastinationating results in sleeplessness (hence, the coming up of words like procrastinationating). How much work is it, you ask? 30 edits, 17 articles to abstract, 1 dissertation to edit and style, 4 loads of laundry to fold, 3 to finish washing, camping gear to clean and put away, a house to clean, a husband and cats to feed, and a sister to assist as she starts a new career... all by Friday at sundown. I think I'll just have a breakdown this weekend--In good news, though, I have bookcases. Set up, filled up, and only SLIGHTLY overflowing.

So... this weekend was pathfinder fair. I got to sleep on a concrete floor, eat undercooked pancakes and overcooked hot dogs, run around in circles after a crowd of lovely kids, and just generally have a grand old time. We took a first place in advanced march and drill, too! Good job, kids! The trip was very tiring, but it was fun. I also ran into my old Religion teacher/mentor, Pastor Tom Decker, whom I had not seen in about 5 years so that was fun. :-)

Ok, I think the work needs to be done and removed from the desk before it collapses through the floor and lands in the garage. I dont want to have to go downstairs to fetch the pieces back up....

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

SAR Update!

Apparently, there is such a need for corpsman (SAR corpsman) right now that they are going to waive the need for EMT and allow A to submit his packet anyway! I feel like a rubber ball. >sigh< EVENTUALLY we will actually know what is going on. I hope.


Home Sweet Home

Well, it was great to be back East for a few days, and we got a lot done on Nicole's house and Jackson's party was great, but I have to say its good to be home! I stepped off the bus yesterday into Andrew's arms... he had brought me roses to welcome me home. He is so sweet and amazing! He also had cleaned the car and the house, bought me presents (bookcases and more!), set up the bathroom so I could relax in a candlelit bath.... etc. >wink<

Today its on to work work work as usual. Pathfinders tonight, work today, bills to pay, errands to run. Its so nice to do these things knowing that he is coming home for lunch and at the end of the day. Sitting here now it feels like perhaps just another of the days that I spend alone while he is gone, but no! He will be home for lunch in an hour! :-) Life is good.

In other news: Because of his being on the last transport out of Norfolk, Andrew was unable to get into the EMT class this month. The next one isn't until October so it looks as though we may not be able to apply for SAR after all. He has to have EMT to be eligible to apply for school. >sigh< He's going to talk to some people and see if we can find another way to do this, but if not... he will be gone from May 2 until about July 26, then again from late September until next spring (probably March or so). We would apply for schools for him for next year and try to get out of the navy by next summer. phew. What a mess. Will keep you informed!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Trading Spaces

Now I know how it feels to be on that show! hehe. I feel like Im "trading spaces" with my sister... only Im not getting new rooms out of the deal! hehe. We're having fun, but ohhhhh so tired! Should finish most of the foyer/stairwell painting tonight, and maybe get the lights put up if we aren't tooooo tired. >yawn<

Saturday, April 09, 2005


Here I am... surrounded by boxes and covered with a rash from dusty boxes. hehe. We got tons done! Yes, by the way, I did arrive safely, and we dove into work with all hands! Tomorrow the refrigerator, washer, and dryer are being delivered and installed and hopefully by tomorrow night we will begin painting the downstairs and the stairway/hallway upstairs. Work is moving along at a pretty fantastic pace. I'll have pics to post later!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Leavin' on a jet plane...

I always feel sentimental over that song... its the last thing I did in person with my mom while she was still alive...we danced around a hotel parking like idiots, singing at the top of our lungs because I was leaving the next week for Germany... she died 2 days after I got back to the States. >sigh<

Anyway. Im leavin' on a jet plane again... this time to CT for the big man's 1st bday! And when I get home, my loving sexy husband will be waiting for me. :-)

For some reason Im always scared to fly these days. I wonder if that is because I was in Manhattan on 9-11...or perhaps just as I have aged I have grown more aware of my own mortality... If something SHOULD happen (I know, Im being morbid) at least I know that my family knows how much I love them...

Stopping with the morbid. Gonna go do dishes now and maybe come back and erase this later....

Ok, I have been working on organizing our wedding photos and came across this one taken by my lovely sister-in-law. I love it. I think its one of my favs and I just had to share. :-) Yes. I miss my husband and am a sap. >sniffle< but he will be home from det in just 2 more weeks! Hurrah!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thank Heaven for Alexander Bell!

I got a phone call from hubband! We only had 10 minutes to talk, but it was heavenly. :-) He sound so very tired. :-( My poor love. He said that to get his laundry done he ended up having to stay up all night Saturday and still be ready for work at 7 am on Sunday. 'Course, he did luck out and they changed the schedule so he went to bed. hehe.

The big project for the day (after my 13 abstracts are edited, the dishes done, etc) is to get into the MWR and get my state taxes done. Turbo Tax won't let me do it online without paying for federal too, which stinks. Federal is all done, signed and ready to mail as soon as I write the check >cough, choke< its all about NY and CT now.

Some of you may be disappointed that this blog is so... mundane. I haven't discussed any big goings on in the world much (although for posterity I will say that if I go PVS, pull the plug), but I kind of have been using it for 2 things: to organize my mind every morning and as a substitute to the mass email. If you want more up-to-the minute debate... comment to me and I'll respond. hehe.

Monday, April 04, 2005


Having some trouble getting going this morning... I have chatted with Ash, Judd, and David, paid the rent, eaten breakfast, and picked up Andy's flight jacket from the tailor. Nothing else! Argh.

Trying to figure out if I trust Delta enough to put my wedding album in my checked suitcase or if Im going to pack a carry on suitcase with my computer and the album so I dont have to worry about it getting lost. The problem with that is that Im going to have to work on the plane, so would need to dig Puter (I have temporarily named my laptop Puter until I can find a more approriate name for him) out of the overhead bin...Why did the airlines have to go and lower the amount of bags you can bring on board? hehe. The computer bag is too small to put in anything except Puter, and the album is... bigger. Maybe I'll just get an open bag and put them both in... I could wrap Puter in a fleece or something for protection. gar. Anyone have suggestions of what I should do?

Heard from my love again. They are doing a ton of drills and he is very tired but doing good and looking forward to getting home next week sometime. I wont see him until the following Monday (wahhhh) but we'll be able to talk on the phone. :-) I left his jacket and a card in his car so he will get a nice little welcome home as soon as he gets off the transport. Im also going to set something up in our room so he gets that little extra welcome when he gets to the house.

Been chatting with Judd about the pope's death. Interesting how different denominations view death, belief, faith, inspiration, etc.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Me and my honey, blinded by love... err... the sun.

This was taken the weekend of Andy and Caryn's bday party. I had uploaded it before but it got deleted when I tried to edit the caption. Oh well. Here it is again!

Sunday Sunday....

Been a great, productive day! I got to work with Mama on her dissertation for most of the afternoon and I think we finally figured out how to defeat the horrible referencing issue we had been having. We have 22 pages of clean, formatted text! Wahoo! On to the next... :-) For now, Im going to go edit a few abstracts and try to get at least one more written. Then I may take a break from the whole reading/writing thing and try to get started on the sanding and staining. I keep saying Im going to do it and then it never gets done! Oh pooh. I can't do that tonight... need to upload the video we have on our camera so the tapes can be reused. poodles. oh well. It was a nice thought!

No word from A this weekend. I'll probably get a note or two in the am. I am hoping to make it to Women's Bible Study Group in the morning, but I don't know if Im going to be able to take the time to drive to Anacortes and back. So very much to do!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Pathfinder Sabbath

The day went really well. I think the highlight for me was when I was trying to give our second service skit cast members a pep talk while we were waiting in the wings for special music and scripture to be over.

"Come here guys," I said. "Just remember how you did it last night. Ya'll know your lines, you're gonna be great!" Brittney taps my shoulder. Thinking she may want a last look at the script or something equally important, I lean down and she whispers ...

"Mrs Boyd. Who actually says "ya'll" anymore?"

>sigh< So much for my big pep talk. hehehe

Seriously, though... the kids did an amazing job. Victoria and Charlie did their sermons like they had been to seminary! V even called our associate pastor up on stage to help her with a little demonstration. It was great! The 2 casts did their skits with no missing of lines, and only one little mixup in the order they were to be spoken (corrected in the middle of the line by Andrea leaning over in a stage whisper and saying ERIC. SHH. I TALK NOW!. hehehe). I was so proud of all of them. :-) Potluck was good too... who can complain about a meal that has entrees ranging from fresh Thai spring rolls with spicy orange dipping sauce to mini pizzas and desserts from 4-layer chocolate cake to homemade cranberry pecan cobbler? Yum yum. I just came down from my nap to mraowing kitties and couldn't believe they were hungry...I fed them this morning, and again at about 2... of course, they didnt eat potluck, just IAMS, so that might explain it.

No word from A yet, not since the big pronouncement that didn't tell me anything. hehe. Poor guy. He said the other day that he has only 10 minutes to answer all emails. He probably thought he told me...either that, or he is loving having me in suspense for the entire weekend. hmmmmmmmm.

Friday, April 01, 2005


Got the kitties a new toy yesterday. Its a little mouse on a string that cheeps when it moves. The kids went NUTS for it. I was glad to find something they would play with as they are notoriously picky about toys. :-)


Phew. Im glad this week is almost over. Looks like I will be working on Sunday on Mom's disssertation, so have to finish up my writing goals today... I also need to edit at least 10 abstracts before Monday morning so will probably do that tomorrow night. wow. So much for getting the staining done. I dont know that I will have time! Between now and Wednesday I have to write at least 8 articles, edit 25 abstracts, pack, clean the house, and finish the laundry for my trip. I think that's all. >panting<

Oops, no, it isn't. Tonight is pathfinder rehearsal and tomorrow is Pathfinder Sabbath so I'll be at the church from about 745 am until around 3 in the afternoon. garp.

I heard from my honey last night. >grin< THat made FOUR emails in one day! I felt so blessed. :-) He said that his PN1 had heard from the detailer, but didn't have the bandwidth on the ship to post changes to the JASS website (where orders are posted when they are open and removed when they are filled). Of course, that's ALL he said about it. hehe. Silly man. I THINK we may have the go ahead for A to submit a packet for C-school (SAR program).

Ok, off to do all this work. :-)