Thursday, March 31, 2005

Thursday again...

Once again we have come round to Thursday. A week from today I will be leaving for CT and have SO much to do before then! The sad bit is that today all I want to do is read my book. Well, what I REALLY want is to be with Andrew, but that's not possible right now. >sigh< Ok, enough pity party. :-)

Went to see Miss Congeniality 2 last night. I loved it. It was funny and light and didn't have any pretensions to being more than that. Very fun.

Andrew is feeling better, told me today that his computer time is limited to about 10 minutes each day and trying to fit emails to everyone into that time has been problematic. Looks like we won't get any pictures after all, would take too long to transfer them over and email them with explanations. Im sure when he is out next time we will work something out.

Off to Im format editing chapter 1 of 2nd mom's thesis, writing 5 abstracts, scrubbing my pots and pans, doing laundry (about 4 loads), and hopefully rearranging the office so I can start sanding and staining my extra desk and the trunk table from downstairs. The actual work on those pieces won't happen until Sunday, as I'll need plenty of time and light to get them going. I think I'll finish those, and then paint the blue and tan bookcases dark brown to match. My paperbacks will temporarily go into storage, and I'll use the bookcases for our DVD and CD collections downstairs. Im also thinking about rearranging the living room... we'll see. :-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Alive with you on a Tuesday morning....

Argh! I just typed up a whole blog entry and the puter messed it up. >sigh< Try to recreate...

The title of today's entry comes from a song... if you want to hear it, buy the Blown Away soundtrack. I think its big head todd and the monsters, but I might be wrong... hven't looked at the cd in a while.

Heard from hubby, poor guy has been sick and on the ward. What a way to spend his birthday! Had NVD and ended up on an IV for a few hours. He said he is feeling better now, but still weak and trying to actually eat real food...Im hoping for a more newsy email soon.

I spent yesterday driving to and from Portland, although I did take a short break and stop at the hospital to talk with Nate and at PASS to have lunch with Ronnie. I am not sure exactly what I babbled about to Nate, so if I made actually NO sense, or very little... IM SORRY NATE! I was up at 4... does that excuse me a bit? hehe. It was nice to talk to him, and I found out that Faye is doing better after surgery for thyroid cancer. We will definitely be praising God for the good outcome of her surgery and asking for his blessings as she moves into the next stage of therapy.

Ok, I just got a cat in my lap and she is trying to sit on top of the computer that is already there... makes it very difficult to type. I'll close for now. Need to get editing anyway, as I have 13 abstracts to finish by 5 pm. Might have to move the purr machine to do so....

Monday, March 28, 2005

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to the love of my life, Andrew P. Boyd. I hope you had a great birthday on the ship, sweetie! I can't wait until you get back home...

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister-in-law, too! Yes, they have the same birthday. I hope your day was good, Care-bear! Congrats on the new job, and best wishes as you start this next year!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

A Monday Sunday

I am currently in the middle of The Parent Trap (with Lindsay Lohan) and recently finished watching both Pollyanna and The Parent Trap with Hayley Mills. I have been working since I got home from the Pathfinder staff meeting (around 1030 am) and have only 2.5 abstracts left. I probably would have finished them about an hour ago, but I was having too much fun watching all these throw-back movies from when I was a kid. Well, ok, I wasn't a kid anymore when Lindsay Lohan did the remake, but... I can pretend. Its been kind of fun to sit here in baggie jammies and a tank top getting sappy over kids movies. hehe

Still no more word from A, they must be running exercises off the ship or something so he can't get messages out. Either that or he has been swamped all weekend. On Friday he said he had a ton of paperwork to take care of and several guys who had been avoiding their flight physicals that he had to round up. I'll fill ya'll in as soon as I hear more!

Im off tomorrow to Portland to pick up our wedding album and the photo reprints. Im hoping to stop off at Costco on the way home and pick up the leather scrapbooks I wanted to fill with our wedding weekend photos and memorabilia and some photo corners. I have so many photos that need to be booked, and some videos to put on DVD... Good projects for me when I feel like I dont want to do anything. >giggle<

Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Day of Rest

After receiving some sad news yesterday, and waking with a roaring headache this morning, I decided not to go to church today. I listened the WWC church service on the radio and spent the rest of the day in my jammies looking at photos of family, reading, listening to music, and napping. Its nearly sundown now and Im getting myself together for a short walk. Ive really been missing Andy today, its comforting in a strange way to know that we are almost through the first week. This will be our longest separation since I moved out here...4 weeks start to finish. At least part of that will be me in CT and he at home so we can talk on the phone. I got emails from him nearly every day this week, which always helps. Being busy also helps, and I am gearing up for the "big one" by practicing for it with these little ones. I guess since the Navy has the men practice for deployment in little short "detachments", the women might as well use them the same way! I do think it interesting though that they use the word"detach"...

Im missing a party this weekend! I really had almost decided to just ignore the bank account, the piles of work, and the knowledge that it would mean around 20 hours of driving over the weekend and went to WW anyway, but I just couldn't do it at the end. C-Mom and Caryn and I have planned for a big time on Mother's day weekend. That way I can't, as Caryn put it, get out it again... because its planned so far ahead. hehe. I really didn't "get out of it" because I didn't want to be there! I wanted to! I think she believes me...

I have pretty much read and slept and done little else since Thursday night. I think I fried my brain a bit too hard in the early part of the week. More work coming in via FedEx on Monday, and I got a packet in on Thursday that I have done little more than open. I also have a doctoral thesis to review for my "Mama"... busy bee! Tonight... the plan is to work and watch tv. I have a move that Andy and I rented and weren't able to watch that I may put on, but its a werewolf thing that Im not sure I can handle without his big strong shoulders to hide my face in and his hands to cut off circulation to while I squeeze them.

Ok, Im off for my walk before the sun goes all the way down. The clouds are threatening another shower, too, so I'm hoping to get home without getting wet!

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Yawn. That's really all I have to say... you can ignore the following 10 paragraphs of blabble. After the hectic Sun-Weds that I had it has been nice to do nothing much since Wednesday afternoon except work on my house, read, clean, etc. Of course, I did have to work for an entire 1-2 hour period this morning, but I got beyond it quickly. :-) I am going to go on base shortly and move Andrews car. I have had this bad habit of forgetting to do so... he had to park at the Exchange the morning he left, so I'm moving his car over to the air terminal. I think I may try to go see a movie at the base theater after I move the car. They are SCHEDULED to show The Wedding Date tonight at 730 and I think it would be worth 4 dollars. :-)

Got more notes from Andy this morning. Hurrah! He's doin' good, for all those that wonder. Said sick call has been crazy for him, but he did get up on deck for a while and said he will be sending us pictures soon. Goody!

I originally planned to go to WW this weekend to hang with the Pooleyaticus crowd and C-mom, but with having to do the Portland in one day thing on Monday and the saving for taxes thing with money... I decided to stay home. I figure I'll work tomorrow and then do a home project or 2 on Sunday between edits. That way Im rested up for the driving on Monday. I may just take my tape recorder and work my novel while I drive. :-) I really would like to get the trunk and desk table stained before A gets home, as a surprise. (Of course, he may start reading this blog and then what kind of surprise would he have?!) I made a spice rack for us yesterday, it looks great! Now Im thinking about ways to increase our shelving in the living room and get the CDs up off the floor. Also going to try and paint the bookcase that's in the living room to match the coffee table color a bit better.

Ok, I didn't quite make it to 10 paragraphs, but Im done for now. Off to move the car, watch a movie (maybe), and then come home to cook up something nice and yummy for supper. Last night I had grilled chicked with mashed potatos and broccoli. Im thinking maybe lentil soup and a salad for tonight. :-) These extra 20 pounds won't know what hit em!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Husband News!

Hurrah! I heard from the husband. That means he is safe and sound on his ship and they have turned on the email system so I should be getting notes fairly regularly now. Stay tuned for pics and stories direct from the flight deck! He said he would try to get some stuff to me several times while he is out. :-)

So, last night I went to Burlington for pathfinders, dragging myself kicking and screaming (ok not really) from the computer only to find that it had been cancelled once I got there. Dwight and Sam forgot to tell us. Sam swears she did, but maybe only to Andy? I dunno, he hasn't answered that email question yet. Not having the desire to have driven 40 minutes for nothing, and with no money to go shopping, I did the next best thing and went to a movie. hehe. I saw the Pacifier and came home feeling much refreshed. Worked straight through until midnight or so and then relaxed for a coupl ehours before bed. Now Im back to the grind, 5 abstracts to edit, 30 to review for length, 2 to write, and a house to clean. Should be a pretty easy day!

Im also feelin' good cause I found the shirt he wore right before he left and it still smells like him. I wore it to bed. >giggle< I felt like a silly little teenager in her boyfriends jacket (I used to steal Andy's jean jacket, too), but I actually slept better last night then Monday night. I also sleep better if I spray his cologne on the pillow next to me when he is gone.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Boopy in the sun... Also known as "Oberon". In his mind, "Oberon the Magnificent".

Boopy blessings

Ok, so Im sitting here at my laptop trying to convince myself to work more and really just surfing through stranger's blogs and I suddenly SNEEZE. Obie, who is sprawled under my chair in the last bit of sunshine filtering through the window, quite indignently says "MRAOW". Poor guy. I woke him up from his 10th nap of the day by sneezing. What is life coming to when your human SNEEZES in the middle of a sun nap? Of course, I don't speak cat so well. He might just have been saying "bless you"....

All alone with the kitties

Well, husband is gone. >sigh< Obie has already started being mad at me for "sending Dad away". He spent most of this afternoon hurling books off the shelves, pulling pictures down, and generally rampaging. He spent the rest of it curled up inside Andy's jacket that had been left on the floor. Ahh for the digital! Of course, its with Andrew. hehe. I guess I shouldn't bad talk Obie too much though, since he is currently sprawled tummy up on the couch next to me and purrs when I move enough to wake him up.

Tomorrow is busy personified: edits need to be done for 20+ abstracts and 2 need to be written, dishes done, laundry, pathfinders at 6:30 pm, and I need to get the trash out... oh, have 2 loads of laundry that my loving hubby did for me that I need to finish folding/putting away. Should be fun. I'll contact ya'll again after my nervous breakdown. >wink<

Hope to have an update from the TR for ya soon!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Serves me right...

Well, here I decided that to compensate for husband being gone on Sunday I would not do any work on Friday and thus be SWAMPED all day after he left... and now he isn't leaving until MONDAY and Im still stuck with the deadline. Serves me right for trying to come up with excuses to procrastinate. We plan a date night, though, after he packs his sea bag and I send 90% of my brain into the computer with pediatrics abstracts. Im sure I'll be charming company. :-)

Otherwise, things are all good. We have had a Felty weekend, had Dwight and Sam over for dinner on Friday night (made up a recipe for stuffed chicken that is just YUMMY email me if you want it), then they brought over pizza last night for a Battlestar Galactica evening. Was great fun.

Still no news on orders. I promise I'll let you know. Stay tuned for photos and news from the front! Well, from the Theodore Roosevelt, anyway! Andrew is taking our digital camera and has promised to send me pics and blurbs for posting. After all, what good would a "Navy wife" site be without any Navy in it?!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sick again

So. Why is it that whenever I end up in the ER with excruciating pain the docs can't figure out what is wrong with me? I just don't get it. Its like Im under the 8 ball or something. >sigh< Im on "take it easy" rest today, so am skipping pathfinders. Of course, I have already edited 9 abstracts, promised to review a dissertation tonight, and still have 5 abstracts left before I can quit... don't you love my version of "take it easy"? Husband is frustrated with me for it, but hey, Im taking the meds... Im sitting still... so, taking it easy. :-)

Got good news this am... husband doesn't leave until the 20th! Was scheduled for the 18th, but they put it off by 2 days. Good for us, we can have the weekend! woo woo! Course, now they are bringing him back 3 days earlier which means I'll miss 5 days of his home time next time (I'll be in CT for Big J's big day). The trials of a Navy wife never end! ;-)

Monday, March 14, 2005

Time keeps on slippin'

Why is it that when Andrew is at sea or on workups time seems to drag and we live years in 2 weeks, but when he is home 2 weeks fly by in a single day? Im just realizing that he is leaving again on Friday, and it seems he only just got home! Tonight is date night, we'll have to be sure and make it a memorable one.

Happy bday, honey! Blow out those candles before we burn down the house!

Here is my first ever attempt at doing a "specialty" cake. With much help and advice from C-mom (my mother-in-law), I created a ketchup cake for my sister-in-law's bday! Caryn loves ketchup, so we made her a red velvet cake, and decorated it for her own special brand of "Catsup". :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

This Happy Sabbath Morning

Hurray! Family arrives today for a PARTY! We shopped yesterday for it, and are ending up with lots more people than orignally planned. We invited one of our friends and his girlfriend and he ended up mentioning it to Andrew at work... immediately all his work buddies said "What?! YOur birthday party?! CAn we come?!" Sooo, instead of about 8 people... we will have around 20. hehe. Ah well. The family should all be here shortly, so Andy and I are going to go downstairs and do the dishes, have worship together, probably do some Bible discussion while I make the bday cakes, and then family will arrive and we just will all have generalized fun. :-)
Happy Birthday C and A!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thursday's cash cow!

Hurrah! More money! I just expanded my contract with my biggest client to include writing as well as editing. Not only will it bring in more money, it diversifies the work that Im doing a little more and will fill my time better when Andrew is away. All very good things! Not only that, it comes at the perfect time to replenish our savings from the laptop we just bought. Woo woo! God definitely is keeping his eyes on us!

Today is technically my "day off" which means that today is the day that I clean the kitchen, do laundry, change the sheets on our bed, vacuum, file all the misc papers in my office, go over our taxes with Andy so that I can be sure and have them filed and the proper amount of cash saved out of our budget by the time I go to CT, look at tickets for CT (Im going to miss Jax's bday, but will be going out the end of March to help my sis and b.i.l move into their new house!), finish my book inventory, plan dinner for our guests, shop for the weekend guests (bday party for A and Caryn!!). Obviously not exactly a "day off". hehe.

Im also feeling pretty good because I found some great contests and a journal I want to subscribe to for my creative writing. Im editing one of my short stories for a contest with a May deadline, writing a story with a set first line for a contest in April, and trying to work on my novel a bit in between. Hopefully can get some momentum going and get a complete draft finished (finally!) by the end of the year.... wish me luck!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

my my my

Such a great work ethic. The plight of the self employed at-home worker. :)
Here's to more success on abstracts for Wednesday!

Tuesday Morning

Well, as usual my Tuesday morning has been anything but productive. In fact, it has been so unproductive that it is now Tuesday afternoon and I haven't yet caught up with the day. On the good side, I have finally almost kicked that stupid neck krink that has been causing headaches, nausea, and general pain for the last week. I woke up feeling almost normal. Of course, I also slept through my alarm (8 am), the radio coming on (830 am), and most of Andrew's getting ready time (445 am to 6 am). This put breakfast at 9 instead of 8, bumped lunch off the chart, and has me sitting at the puter in my jama pants and a tank top trying to get 12 more abstracts done by 5 pm when we have to leave for pathfinders. I have a feeling that we will end up on time to pathfinders and I will still have about 5-6 abstracts to do when we get home at 9 pm. Growl. 'Course, if I stopped blogging and went back to work I could potentially cut that...

Oh, and by the way, the whole point of this blog today was to say we have no news yet on orders. Soooo...

No news on orders.


Monday, March 07, 2005


Well, we have put in our requests... now we just wait. The plan is to let God open doors if they are the right ones, so we put in for Naples, Italy (which would be a really awesome year!), C School (a SAR program that would mean extending our enlistment by a couple of years for shore duty), and extending our orders here in Oak Harbor (then trying for early out).

Naples, Italy... what need I say?! We thought about Sicily, too, but decided that although our Italian friends say Naples is the "armpit of the world" it is on the mainland so touring will be easier and cheaper than coming from an island. Its doubtful that they will let us go there, as we would only be going for 1 year (its a 3 year billet), but we can always hope!
Oak Harbor would mean that we could ask for an early out from the navy and Andy could potentially begin school next summer. The downside to Oak Harbor is that it means he will definitely be gone for at least 4 months this year. >sigh<
C school has always been a bit of a dream for Andy, and as much as it frightens me and as hard as it will be to be in the navy for 3 more years, its a shore posting so he won't be gone... and he will be realizing his dream! We compromised on it, in that he has stated that unless there is a billet that we both want and can be happy with, he won't take it. SAR just kept coming at us, throughout our prayers for guidance, and I felt that I really needed to open my mind to it, even though my heart was screaming "NO!"... if it is where God wants us, we will go there, hard as it may be. >gulp<

In other news, we bought a laptop for me yesterday! The laptop that Auntie H gave me has been great, and we were planning on waiting until after tax time to even really look for a new one since it has been holding up fine (the battery life is really short in the laptop and my current desktop has a bad habit of crashing and losing its hard drive). Then we saw an auction for a great laptop and ended up getting it for around 50% of the retail price! Can't should ship sometime today.

Ok, I'd better get to work now, I have 10 abstracts to edit today before my husband gets home around 3 and then we are off to Bellingham for Andy's appt at NUVO and our date night! Yeah!
(PS, we saw Constantine Sat night... anyone who wants to have a really good religious discussion can jump start it with that movie! VERY interesting)

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hubby HOME!

Yup, my Andrew is home! For a whole 10 days... >sigh< He goes back out on the 17th of March and will be gone for 2-3 weeks. We're still hoping he gets back and is able to go to CT for Jax's birthday in April. Right now, he is scheduled to take a class here on base at that time, and we are not pleased. It would mean that I either would have to miss Jax's bday to be with him, or leave and not see him at all from the middle of March until the end of May! I don't think I can do that. :-(

We have daffodils outside, though, that's nice!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Busy Bee...

Well, its Thursday and my neck and shoulder are finally doing better. I had to drive yesterday, and still had limited motion, which wasn't fun. I got my new set of work this morning, and am sitting here with it in front of me trying to get going on the new week. (Yes, my week begins on Thursday). Andrew could be coming home as soon as tomorrow! Hurrah! Unfortunately, he may not get home until next week because he could have to wait around for some of his duties to finish. We'll see, should know today! We're still trying to figure out the orders dance, and it looks like we might be applying for SAR, too. Keep us in your prayers, all! This whole "where we should be" thing is really turning into a test of my faith and my ability to turn a problem over to God and accept the answer he provides. We are putting out our little fleece and will see what comes...