Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday Strain

Ouch! I strained my back/neck somehow when I was stretching this morning and now can hardly move. What a pain! I also didn't go to my Monday Bible study meeting this morning, so the day is off to a not so stellar start. Last night I did finish at least part of my list! I did 5 abstracts, finished the one pillow and remade another one (just have to go buy the cording for the edge and it will be done, too!), worked a bit on the inventory, folding of laundry, and finished the dishes as well as baking bread. Im feeling pretty good about it. Now to carry all that energy over into today! It's a good day for working, cloudy and windy but still with that little hint of spring that says that the bluster will have daffodils in it if you sniff hard enough.

Titania is sitting on the floor next to my chair gently patting my leg so I will put it down and let her in my lap. Her favorite places while Im working are either in my lap or on top of the printer (see the picture below!). Obie has taken himself off downstairs so we girls are relishing the momentary peace.

In other news, Andy finished the painting he was doing for the Fallon clinic and was quite pleased. I can't wait to see the pictures! They had asked someone to paint the carrier air group symbol on the wall so he did it. :-)

Ok, off to harness that Sunday energy and put it to work today!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Progress report and rant

Ok, progress first: 1 load of laundry in, 2 on the bed to fold, dishes done, and 3 abstracts on file. Not too shabby.

Rant: Im too much of a control freak to be a Navy wife I think... The stupid orders listings are down for a certain period of each month to allow for updating, etc. This I can understand. What I don't get, and what drives my little anal soul crazy, is why they can't stick to the schedule! According the schedule posted at the time the system went offline, it would be back up in 1 week. That week was up last Wednesday. By Thursday, they had changed it to read that the system would be back online on March 1st at 530 pm. Cool, I figure a week overdue, not too shabby. But now, NOW, they have changed it yet again to state that it will not be back up until MARCH 5! ARGH! We found out we were up for orders on Valentine's Day, and know that we will PROBABLY be moving in November. However, the potential WHERE is still floating in the ether of the Internet, held in suspension by the Navy. >sigh<

Of course, the suspense is good for one thing... time to research! I spent about an hour online this morning looking at the NAS in Sicily (Sigonella), and last week researched Pearl Harbor, Rhode Island, and North Carolina. Nothing like a little diversity to liven up life. hehe. More on the listings and our orders progress as it...well... progresses!

Off now to complete more of my scheduled to do list... I had forgotten about inventory... better do that now.



Sunday jobs...

ICk! Working on Sunday SUCKS. Of course, when its my own fault for doing nothing constructive on Friday I suppose I shouldn't complain. Talked to Andrew last night on the phone, this workup-but-not-on-the-ship thing is great. I hear he is getting razzed a bit for talking about me, too. >fluttering eyelashes< I hate to say Im proud of that. :-)
So the big news here... Im making coffee and plan to not only get some "real" work done today, but to finish inventorying all of my books (I did one bookcase last week), do 2 loads of laundry, fold the currently clean and wrinkled loads of laundry sitting in and on the dryer, respectively, finish the dishes, finish the sofa pillow I have been working on (just needs the cording completed) and hopefully at least START on the other 2, file the papers in my office, and go through the mail. What do you think, am I a bit optimistic for one little Sunday? Caryn gave me some energy with her talk of having vacuumed and done laundry. I hope to grow up as responsible someday soon! (hence the list above...)

Wish me luck, all!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Pathfinder Bible Achievement

Go Cascade Eagles! Hurrah! Our Pathfinder Bible Achievement team successfully made it through the area contest, coming in FIRST! YEAH! We beat all of our own previous records, too! Im so proud. The kids worked really hard, and deserve lots of "kudos"!

Congrats, Eagles!

Friday, February 25, 2005


Im figuring out how things work here, and got a picture uploaded with only minimal sweat and tears and gnashing of teeth. So, I will blog a bit more than the first post... about us!

Andrew and I met in 1995 at Walla Walla College and dated for a few months... after we broke up, we stayed close friends, even while he was in Australia for a year! Time and distance did take their toll, however, and we lost touch in 2000. A little over 2 years later Caryn forwarded me his email address and we got back in contact! By Christmas of 2003, Andrew proposed, and we have now been married for a whopping 4 months and 1 week. Exactly. hehe. We live in Oak Harbor, with our 2 cats (Oberon and Titania) and are finally feeling like we are settled... just in time for Andrew to start his workups (Navy man...) and preparations for deployment. Ah well, such is the life of a Navy wife!

The big news this week is that we got cable tv! Hurrah! Of course, now Im a working-from-home woman with no husband in the house for another week and 150 channels of digital television. Hmm. Not good. :-) I have goals that I want to meet on the house (like refinishing a trunk to make it a nice coffee table and making 2 pillows for our couch) and in my work... I really want to get more work done on my novel. Any help, prodding, and fan mail is appreciated. :-)

Ok, now I really should go and do my dishes... like everything else, the housework has suffered a bit this week. But Im QUITE relaxed, and not only have I watched my new cable, I have read 3 books in the last 24 hours! hehe.

Signing off for now, Happy Sabbath everyone!

Just Married!

First Post...

Well, Im jumping on the blog bandwagon! My new sis, Caryn, got me going on it, so we'll see if I can keep up!

So, for the latest news: Andy is gone again. Such is the life of the Navy wife...At least this time he is in Nevada, not on a ship! I actually get to talk to him every day! Woohoo! Other news... there isn't any. hehe. I'll try to get more of a running commentary later, but now Im going to go finish setting this up...