Friday, June 30, 2006

Welcome and Congratulations!

Annika "Anni" Grace was born to Queenie and her Hub-Unit at 12:03 am. She is 5 lbs and 0.075 ounces, 20 inches long! She has a nice full head of reddish blond hair, her mama's nose, and her daddy's chin. She has dimples, and her legs are very long. She is just the sweetest baby! I got to see and hold her and take numerous pictures, and I was lucky and honored when Q requested that since Anni made her appearance so early and is so petite might I please pick out a pretty homecoming outfit in preemie size? Of course, C-Mom and I JUMPED at that opportunity and spent a happy 3 hours shopping for baby clothes, hats, booties, mittens, diapers, binkys, toys, etc. Anyway... without further ado, here are some pictures of Anni!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The 108th Annual Hospital Corps Ball

We spent a wonderful Saturday evening eating leathery chicken, tasteless gravy, and oddly enough, perfectly roasted beef at the 108th Corpsman Ball. Actually, it was a lot of fun!

It was our last (and only, what with deployments) chance to go to one of the Navy Balls, so we grabbed it with both hands. The ceremony was very nice, and we had fun dancing after the show...there weren't very many of the AVR guys there, though, which was kind of disappointing as that meant none of our actual "friends" were represented. Oh well. Here are some pics of the big night!

Taking the Hospital Corps Pledge.

Us looking extremely tired. I strained my back and slept well only under the influence of oxycodone for about 4 days ... Hubband had to sleep with me not sleeping well ... and he didn't have the drugs!

He really wishes I would stop taking pictures of him....

HM3 Boyd and HM1 Lawrey (aka Hubband and Tammy)

Outside the VFA just prior to the ball. Dont we look nice?

The Fleet Force Commander... he is basically, to my knowledge, the highest ranking Corpsman. He was VERY cool and spoke quite eloquently about the legacy that is the Corps.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

License to Clean

The newest 07 on the block has appeared, License to Clean.
He's a Purple Animal and his mission is to remove all lint, cat hair, dust, and fuzz from the carpetting of a home near you. He purrs softly as he attacks each new case, leaving a swath of cleanliness behind.

He is a sleek purple beast with attachments for every occasion and a penchant for dust mites.

He is Boyd. Dyson Boyd.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Medical Necessities... and such

I finally got in to see the doc today about a myriad of issues. Some fun, some not so. The fun ones... since we're inside the 1 year mark of when we hope to start our family, I got my first prescription of prenatal vitamins today. Even though we're not actually trying yet... it feels good to be "on the way"! I also made an appointment to get 2 moles removed that have annoyed me for the last 29 years. I think it is finally time. hehe.

The main reason, however, that I went in is because I found a small lump on my right breast about 3 weeks ago. Before anyone freaks out, the doctor said today at the exam that he thinks it just a cyst in a milk duct and wants us to "watch" it through my next cycle. If it hasn't changed or gone away in that time, we will do an ultrasound and see what is what. I felt better about it just talking to him, although the exam did hurt a little, he was very encouraging that he didn't think it was anything serious.

It was strange to go in and have to request a copy of my record, too, since we are leaving so soon. The next appointment I have will probably be my last appointment with NHOH EVER (unless I have to have that ultrasound). Its weird that after living here only 2 years it already feels strange to be saying goodbye. Im looking forward to our new start in TN, and to being that much closer to "home", but I keep forgetting that I can't take Queenie and her Hub-Unit and cats, the pottery store, Hubband's coworkers, and Dave's Bistro with me when I go. Let alone the commissary and Exchange!

I guess it is always hard to say goodbye to the place where you built your very first "home of dreams" with your husband. This is the home where he carried me over the threshold after our wedding, the place where we spent our first Christmas, and cried together over all the hard things in life, where we said "goodbye" for 7 months, and joyfully greeted each other again at Homecoming. I know we are moving on to a good place, and our first ever HOUSE... but I still find myself feeling a little like Anne must have felt moving from her House of Dreams over to Ingleside.

Kitty Crazy

I decided to do a sort of photo essay of the cats... All were taken this weekend and show off Titai's love of her Daddy and Obie's disdain for doing anything that anyone asks him to do (ie, "look at the camera, Obie!")...Enjoy!

A tangle of limbs

Possession is 9/10ths of the law...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Am I done yet?

Darn it! I should never have said anything on the blog about Queenie approaching labor. I think I jinxed her! She has just been put on partial bedrest because the baby was deciding to try and come a wee bit too early. We were sittin' at pottery yesterday after the docs told her to come in later for a NST and she realized that IMMEDIATELY would be a good time for the test.

Meanwhile, I completely forgot a "date" with my BBF to review a project for her and missed her by 30 minutes. >sigh< I felt horrible, but acknowledge quite readily that I am a bad Bug friend and must be severely punished. At LEAST by a sorrowful, disappointed lash-fluttering. Those are the WORST from a true Southern Lady. Mama can quell us all with a single flutter.

In other, somewhat related news... the pregnancy dreams have stopped, but now most of my friends here are trying to do some voodoo-hoodoo on me as they would dearly love to see me pregnant before we leave town. The last couple of days everything has smelled weird to me and I blame it on hormones and allergies... Laura and Queenie have been crowing that Im PREGNANT! HA! I was even told that it would "serve me right", but I think that was the paint fumes talking. :-)

Also! Ronnie is here visitin' us again. She came up last July and we have only seen her in passing a couple of times since. She's here through the long weekend, so far we've seen a movie, gone out to dinner, had a taco extravaganza at home, and done pottery. She's also spent several hours just kinda hanging out here at the house while I work.

Of course, Im sure it was hard for her to concentrate yesterday on her book what with people stopping by to view the apartment, the guy coming to vaccum out the dryer vent and fireplace and inspect the chimney, and me on the phone with 1) my boss for over 30 minutes trying to figure out why my access wasn't working to download some research, 2) twice with the lady in Memphis who is probably going to clean and/or drain our pool for us 3) the rental manager to set UP the appointment for the viewers 4)our homeowners insurance broker in TN and 5) my husband. It was a crazy day.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Weirdness Have I in Abundance

Ok, I dunno if it was this post by my marvy MIL, or Queenie rapidly approaching labor...or the fact that Hubband and I have begun discussing the when's of trying to start our family... but I had a dream the other night that I was pregnant. I kept feeling this pain low in my belly and a tightness, so I called my sisters and told them I thought I was going into early labor. In the dream, I thought I was only about 5 months along, but couldn't be sure for some reason. Ashley came over and we took the baby out from this convenient flap in my belly to check and see if it was "done". We saw that the baby was a girl, and she had green eyes and lots of blond fuzzy hair, but she wasn't "done" yet, so we tried to put her back. However, having her mother's temperament, I guess, she didn't want to go back so we had to enlist Mama's help (she is a RN, CNM, PhD with years of baby experience). The weirdest part was the flap in the belly. hehe. I was like... a kangaroo envelope who just happened to be preggers.

Unless you count the weirdest part being that in the dream? All of that made perfect sense to me.

Swampy... Gurgle

Just a quick note to let ya'll know... Im busy. I needed a momentary break from work so my brain didn't explode with an overabundance of recently obtained neurology knowledge. Must let it... settle... a little. :-) We've been desperately overwhelmed since our only other full time editor left for another opportunity. Worked this weekend... etc. ANYway....must back to work and talk on the phone with the sis.

Monday, June 12, 2006


That flashback photo got me thinking, as did the upcoming visit of my freshman year roommate from WWC. Here are a few of the memories that surfaced!

Getting called into the dean's office every time anyone tried to sneak out of Conard my entire freshman year simply because my boyfriend had come up to my window on the chapel roof when I was sick to sing to me... he never even TRIED to come inside the room. (I should ask him why he didn't... its HUBBAND who did the serenade!)

He also did a great Valentine's day treasure hunt, giving me my first ever dozen roses over the course of about a week with a new clue attached to each rose. I had to get dressed up and follow the clues to find him that afternoon. He'd cooked dinner for us, gotten permission to use a classroom in the Ad building, and had his mom ship him some of Olive Garden's salad dressing because he knew how much I liked it. :-)

Playing dominos with my girlfriends on Sabbath afternoons... and getting threatened with a knife when I took Katy's "spot".

Being asked senior year if we were "freshmen" by a guy who KNEW we werent, just because he thought we'd be insulted. We thought it was hilarious and promptly plopped onto the kerb to shriek over it and mock his snobbery.

Taking picnics up to the mountains on Friday evenings and watching the sun set.

Motorcycle rides with a friend through the back woods, with lunch packed into the saddlebags.

Being told by the band director when I informed him that I needed to quit because of my schedule that I "wasn't very good anyway".

Dating an aviation major before they made it illegal to carry passengers and flying to Reno with him and some buddies one Saturday night. Also remember him not believing me when I said I was scared of falling and he sent the plane into a snap dive one day while we were buzzing around the valley. My scream through the mic in my headphones probly convinced him pretty quick.

Village hall when drama was just starting to be able to use it. Need I say more?

Exploring the ad building... Does anyone else miss the old building where no staircase led the same place, some staircases led nowhere, and there were rooms that just sort of randomly appeared and disappeared? I swear, it was like Hogwarts castle back in the day....

Slumber parties back when you could get 5 movies for 5 dollars... and safeway bulk candy! I recently was back on campus and found that my old room, the haunt for all those slumber parties, has been turned into a housekeeping closet. Very disconcerting!

My neighbor in the dorm freshman year practicing her arias at 2 am...and then getting mad when we asked her to be quiet.

And so many more! When we did that visit to campus recently Pooleyaticus and I had a great time wandering the halls and reminicsing. When we came downstairs, Hubband remarked that he never thought he'd once again be sitting in the lobby of Foreman hall waiting on women.....

Here is a flashback for you .... Hubband in 1997. This is his "school photo" the year he was a task force worker at Banner Christian College in Australia. What a hottie, eh? :-)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Regarding the house....

The condo is rumbling from the force of all the congratulations! We're so thrilled. Still trying to get my brains unscrambled enough for a long post... promise it will come soon!

Friday, June 09, 2006


We got the house! The closing is complete! We officially own property! And a House! And a Shed! And a Swimming pool!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Changes are a'comin'

Please bear with me as Im making some changes to the blog, and adding flickr and youtube feeds (or at least trying to!). Many thanks to MissZoot and Trent for all their help!

In other "changes" news...

The exterior of our condo is being painted this week and the cats are FASCINATED. They take turns pressing their furry noses against the window of the office to ogle the painter who is on the roof outside doing trim work. Yesterday they were quite suspicious of the noises they heard, since the windows were all taped off and covered with plastic.

We signed the papers yesterday for our house. THE ONE WE MAY OWN ALREADY! We don't quite know if its official as we haven't heard from anyone in TN yet about the status. We'll have to see! Plans are to have a celebratory dinner with Q and her hub-unit. Updates to follow.
Jackson in heels

He loves high heels... video is a bit dark, and has no sound, but had to show his prowess. hehe.

Photos Galore...

Ok, I know that many of you have been waiting a long time for pictures of the babies, so here is a good many of them! I spent the last weekend in CT for Jaime's dedication at church and just to hang with the sisters and my gaggle of nephews and Grace. Had a GREAT time, got to see all the old gang, and go to Jackson Heights church, and spent a couple days at Lake George, too! So... enjoy the photos! And I'll have a "real" post soon...

Jaime's nursery... namely, the afghan I crocheted for him (folded over the back of the rocker). See how nice it matches? See how even the stitches are?! Im so proud. :-)

Steve and Grace sharing breakfast on the front porch

Serious Jackson

Jackson clowing around

Couldn't resist the cheeks... at breakfast with the Woodsides...

Another shot of Cheeks McCoy, sleeping on the couch while Daddy played NeverWinter Nights and Mom and Auntie went to see X-Men.

Jackson, also sleeping through Jaime's dedication

Jacob sleeping through Jaime's dedication at church... check out those CHEEKS! By the end of Sabbath I had dubbed him "Cheeks McCoy". He's a great baby... happy and not the least bit shy about being grabbed by strange auntie's from out west.

The whole gang (minus me and Ash who were in the bows): Dad Wickwire at the controls, behind him are (Left to Right) Mom Sikora, Grace, Steve, Dad Sikora, and Mom Wickwire (holding Jaime).

The obligatory pic of the blogger. Taken ostensibly for the hubband, though I think Steve just was tired of me flashing the thing in his face and wanted to get some of his own back again. hehe.

The family shortly after a good dousing when the boat came about. I think 2nd Dad did it on purpose! He got the chuckles everytime we all shrieked at the cold water.

Grace and her Daddy discussing WAVES. (DADDY! They go UP! [her arms fly into the air] and DOWN! [her arms come down with gusto] and then they SPRAY [wildly waving arms] 'cause of the WIND)

Ashley and Grace enjoying the sunshine

Jaime, although he doesn't look like it in this pic, LOVED the boat. He snuggled into his life vest and took the longest nap known to man.

Grace and Mama and Ashley on the pontoon boat at Chico's marina in Bolton Landing, NY

The Grandfathers with Jaime. Note Grandpa Wickwire and Jaime have matching hats....too cute!