Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mucous Galore

Seems I may have caught a little cold.... BUT! Grandma and Auntie Hummingboyd and Cousin O are coming to visit today! They will be here a whole week! Wheee! Who cares about a little (LOT) of snot when you get to see GRANDMA and AUNTIE and CO for the very first time?


K'sKorner said...

How fun!

I bet they are really excited as well. Cold and all :)

christina russell said...

awww a lil cold never stopped the joy of grandmas visit. shes getting more and more beautiful every single day. how have you been feeling? hows the sleeping? we cant wait to see u guys. let us know when ur next visit will be give that lil bug a lil hug and kiss for me :)