Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chattanooga weekend

On Thursday, my "adopted" uncle, Bill Clemons, passed away suddenly at his home in Collegedale, TN. We were able to drive over for his memorial service and spend some time with the family. My "2nd" parents came down for the service from MI (Uncle Bill was 2nd Dad's Brother-in-law) and were able to meet Ella for the first time...She also met her "Nana" Leola and was passed around to other family members like a little hot potato. We really felt that God had maneuvered the world so we could go for the service, and I hope we were able to help ease things for the family. Hubband ended up singing a hymn for the service and felt really honored to be a part of the memorial.

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Debbie & Jason said...

Hey! It's great to see these photos! I haven't seen B & V for like 10 years probably! It's crazy how we all drift our separate ways and time just keeps passing by. Your baby girl is sooo cute! She's just precious --like the next Gerber baby! :-) Hey we have a blog, too --here's the link if you wanna check out some photos from my brother's wedding... http://debbieandjasonsnapshots.blogspot.com/ Keep in touch!