Saturday, August 02, 2008


  • As inferred in the last post... new solids! She's now on rice cereal, oatmeal, or carrots once each day.
  • Rolled over back to front once yesterday and 3x so far today
  • 1 tooth, that has been visible under the gums for weeks, is finally crowning
  • New word! "BA-BUH" over and over
  • Don't know if it qualifies as a milestone, but she also seems to have forgotten how to roll from her front to her back. If she isn't thinking about it, over she goes. If she realizes she's on her tummy? Screams. Grunts. Wailing. Despair. Planting of face in the blanket/play mat...
  • Scooting! She can scoot several inches around on the floor both on her tummy or on her back.
  • She's also finally on a fairly straightforward sleep schedule, with 3 naps of 1+ hours and 1 short evening nap before she goes to bed at about 7 and sleeps until 4-5 am. Its amazing how good we can feel after a 5 hour stretch of sleep! Seems like riches...

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