Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We have TOOTH!

That same tooth that we all saw looming under her gums around 4 months ago has finally made its appearance! Well, mostly. She chomped on my finger this am and nearly cut me... Still not terribly easy to SEE the little sucker, but you sure can feel that sharp edge! Photographic evidence to follow as soon as possible. I must run now, she's crawled into a corner and gotten herself stuck...


Here is that photographic evidence... at least, as much evidence as she will allow. The bottom middle tooth on the left is the one that is in, you can see it there just peeking out between her tongue and gums.


mrspooley said...

Yeay teeth! and Yeay to getting stuck in corners! :)

Xboyd said...

yea, toofies! Giggling over getting stuck in the corners.