Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Updates... again. When will I write a REAL blog post again?

I know I say this fairly regularly, but Hubband and I are truly amazed at how quickly El grows and learns and changes. She has gotten at least 4 new words this week already, and it is only Tuesday! I have to laugh when she tries to say "down" as it always comes out "Noun". I figure this is an appropriate word for the daughter of a writer/editor. Similarly, "done" is "nun" (I wonder if she has my sense of humor....). A friend at church gave Ella a set of nesting bowls that also are a shape sorter. When she first tried to put the bowls back together she was getting very frustrated because she'd try to put the big one in the small one. Within about an hour, however, she was using trial and error and successfully building the entire tower and then nesting the bowls back down. This has become her favorite toy, and it will keep her interest for nearly 10 full minutes. As I type, she's sitting on the couch next to me with her Haiku Baby book "reading" to me. I took a break to read to her, too.

In other family news, we're in the process (hopefully) of buying a Honda Odyssey! It is far from new (a 2000, with 138000 miles on it), but its in good shape and the price couldn't be beat. Hopefully this morning we'll get final approval from the bank and go pick up MY car! I am trying to not get my hopes up too much that this will actually happen until we drive the thing home. Too much scope for disappointment, to paraphrase Miss Anne Shirley.

El has progressed to unfolding all the laundry, so I'd best get going. Also need to get ready so I can hit the library when it opens. I have some "deep thinking required" work that needs doing today and while I can sort of type a blog entry while doubling as a climbing tree for a toddler, work just isn't as easy to accomplish in such a setting!


Xboyd said...

So what does El do with you at the library? Wow! She's really changed since I've been there! Oh, how I miss her...and you guys. I guess Heaven will be all that much sweeter! But I'm having a hard time waiting. I want to be with my family now! Isn't there a city/place where we could all live? I hope the Odyssey doesn't fall apart when you get it. Is it in good repair, etc.?

Xboyd said...

Oh, and by the way....this is REAL.