Saturday, June 06, 2009

Today's New Words/Phrases


and our favorite to date...upon tripping on the tile she said--

"Whoa. I TIPPED. Uh Ohhhhhh"

Similarly, yesterday morning when Miss Stacy brought her to Mama for after-nap snuggles, I noticed that one of her socks was missing. I said "Ella! Did you lose a sock?" and she looked down at her bare toes, wiggled them, and said very solemnly "Uh Oh". She then proceeded to look around the office to see if that wayward sock would magically appear. She and Miss Stacy had to go on an expedition to rescue it from the wild world of Crib After Nap.

Shockingly, with all the words she DOES know, more than half of what comes out of her mouth is still gibberish. Even to us.


K'sKorner said...

I absolutely love this picture . . . and WOW! :D

She's her momma's girl ;)

uh ohh, a child's favorite phrase. :) It is adorable to hear too. hehe

Xboyd said...

She's right on target!

Ashley Sikora said...

why are you holding a giant blue ball behind my niece?