Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trying to get back in the groove

Today was the Harvest Party at Ella's school and parents were allowed to come attend. Her little PreK class did crafts, got treats, special snacks, and El felt pretty important having Mom AND Dad there. It was fun to see the little ones so "independent". :-) After dropping her off, Hubband and I ran some errands and ended up back at the Rebecca house with some materials for the contractor who's completing our renovation projects to convert the house to a rental. He had inadvertantly put the cabinet moldings on as crown moldings (attached to wall not cabinets) so Andrew had to show him what needed doing there. All in all though its looking good, with final walk thru looking to be around Thursday next week! I would love it if we could have this thing up for rent by November 7th.

The new house is coming along slowly. The kitchen right now looks like it has come down with some sort of fungus, with patches of different green paints all over the place while I test for the color I want. Sherwin Williams is doing a sale next week, so I'm hoping I can narrow it down and get the paint color on before the holiday. Even if the cabinets and woodwork aren't painted, getting rid of the nasty pukey yellow will be a huge improvement! Hubband has been putting in several hours each evening working on the Studio and the place is starting to come together! He is hoping to begin construction on the custom CD shelving and the recording booth tomorrow.

In other news, we've made the tough decision to give Titania a new home, away from toddlers and puppies. She has been increasingly unhappy with dogs/babies/moves and we finally decided that she will be more happy in a home where she can be the queen again. This decision was NOT made lightly and would not have been made at all had she not had a HUGE fan who has jokingly said she'd take Titai for years, and then became more serious when we mentioned in passing the thoughts we were having. Krissa will take good care of our girl, and I know I can check on her through photos and visits and even skype. I have a hard time imagining our home without her. She has been my kitty kid for 13 years and will leave a huge hole in our hearts. However, our love for her is not enough if she isn't happy....She'll be going home to Boston with Kristy on November 7th.

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