Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The 2 Diet of NonFood

I know it has been a YEAR since I posted, and my family at least is probably slavering at the mouth to find out WHAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING TO THE BOYDS! Or not. Hmmm.

Ok, well, here it is anyway in brief: We have been busy. :-) There. Now, onto more important things.

I decided this morning I was on the 2 diet. I had 2 of everything, stripples, scrambled herbed cheesy eggs, eggos with butter, and cups of coffee. I felt dreadfully about this tasty repast until I discovered the following facts about my indulgent "2 diet" breakfast:
1. I eat nutrigrain eggos because they are less greasy and have, I believe, more flavor. They also are lower in fat... by about 50% of regular eggos.
2. I scrambled 2 eggs, with nonfat milk and sharp cheddar cheese made from 2% milk (i.e. lower in fat), along with a selection of choice herbs and spices (0 fat).
3. my coffee is decaf this morning, and I used splenda and nonfat milk
4. the butter on my eggos? yeah, its NOTHING. Seriously! The squirt butter of I Can't Believe Its Not Butter has NOTHING IN IT. 0 fat, 0 carbs, 0 protein, 0 calories... its truly a non food... like Diet Rite.
5. Stripples... bacon substitute made with soy and containing approximately 10% the amount of fat as pork bacon and about 50% that of turkey bacon!

So. I felt much better about my indulgence until I then realized that most of my breakfast was NON FOOD food items. I hope the eggs are strong enough to battle through and provide at least some nourishment...


JC said...

sounds like me, I think I live on whey protein powder.

Kim said...

I like those nutri grain eggos too! I'd love to try that 2 diet, but I'm afraid I'd derail when I got to the part of the day that I eat the carrot cake, candy bar, cheese dip and ice cream. Oh well, some of us just can't be helped.