Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Im a horrible cat-mom

I finally got Oberon taken into the vet today, and cried halfway home. >sigh< He is ok, at least as far as we know, but I had to help them put him into a "Squeeze Cage" so they could immobilize him to draw blood and knock him out so they could complete the rest of the physical exam. He wouldn't let the vet touch him. He is DREADFULLY scared of her for some reason. Wasn't this bad other times he was in there... although once when they cut his nails, they literally immobilized him on the table. Poor kitty. He gave me such a pitiful look when I left the room and he was stuck in the cage. >sniffle<

The rest of the day has been fairly uneventful. I've spend most of it trying to get the new computer my office shipped out here working properly. Im not joking when I say that it took me TWO HOURS to find out why the cursor arrow kept drifting up and to the right... the pointer stick, you know that little thing they hide i nthe middle of laptop keyboards? yeah, that thing, was stuck or jammed or something. I disabled and enabled everything I could think of before Judd asked if that thing was installed. >sigh< Oh well, got that and the address book and the server and the vpn issues all solved. Hurray! Now I have a nice big monitor and a good keyboard, and Windows XP... w00t!

Am off to a movie tonight with Queenie and her Hub-unit. We're going to take in Brothers Grimm and see if it really is as bad as allt he reviews say it is. hehe.

The storm that was Katrina has hit Norfolk and the base there is wet and ... stormy. :-) He'll be heading out soon. Prayers!! Photos and such to come as he sends them. :-)

I'll be back in blog land tomorrow, Im sure, updating all you people (hello? anybody out there?) on Obie's health and mental well-being (ie, whether or not he destroyed me with a single kitty-glance when I picked him up in the morning)

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strawberrygirl_77 said...

Leaving your "baby" at the vet is ALWAYS traumatic, no matter how they behave. When I had to leave my baby overnight after her surgery because she was declawed at the same time, I wanted to ask the vet, "Yes, I know she has to stay overnight, but can I come sleep with her?"

Along the same lines -- my Socksie girl brought home her first kill, a R.O.U.S. Dad said it was nearly as big as she is! I didn't acutually see it, thank goodness, and dad wouldn't let her inside the house until she had dropped the umm, remains. But then he praised her for being such a good huntress and she purred.