Monday, January 16, 2006

All the News that's fit to print

BABIES: Queenie and Wendy are passing through morning sickness. Nicole and Jacob have returned home, hurrah! Nothing else to report.

HOME: The entire downstairs got a good cleaning on Thursday afternoon. The upstairs was to have been cleaned today but I got distracted by more important things (see FRIENDS, below). Carpenter ants are back. I killed one in my sink tonight before I could brush my teeth. >shudder< Can't seem to get rid of the darn things no matter how many times they spray.

FRIENDS: Spent Friday evening being pampered by Q and her hub-unit after being sick all day. Had pasta with smoked salmon and a creamy vodka sauce that was delish. Might sound odd since I had been sick that day, but not having to cook was blissful...and it was so mild and yummy that my tummy had no problems with it at all. Spent almost all day today back at their place playing harry potter and the goblet of fire on the xbox. They bought the game yesterday and needed a 3rd to properly play. Course, I can't really play these things very well. My character usually ends up running around in the wrong place at the wrong time aiming at the wrong thing... but we had fun. :-) Took us about 8.5 hours to beat the game, with time out in the middle for pizza and a disney flick. (SEE! Much more important than housecleaning!)

CATS: slept all weekend. slept all day. still sleeping (they ate 10 minutes ago). They are unaware that I will be leaving in a few days so still are acting normal and not tearing the place apart....

FAMILY: Twin is spazzing because her hubby and I ganged up on her about getting extra help until the end of her pregnancy (she's having some difficulties). I have a feeling she still won the argument, even though it was 2:1. She has a habit of doing that. If only I could learn the trick.... Nicole and Jacob are home, with Jason and Jax and Aunt Debbie. Im heading out there Thursday night/Friday morning to help out for a bit. Dad and Lori will be there for the weekend, too, so it should be a fun party. We'll be reading the letters from mama and doing an Africa retrospective, so that should be fun. (Those of you who dont know, my Grandma sent me a packet of letters my mom had written her when we were missionaries in Tanzania. GREAT fun to read, mostly cause its like having mama back again...Im going to use them to write a book...) 2nd Mama finished her dissertation and we got it edited and mailed out for her defense next week. :-) Go Mama!

HUBBAND: He's leaving the desert tomorrow and heading for blue water again. Thank GOD! Homecoming is creeping ever closer. Sometimes I think that its been bogged down in molasses...he's doing good, though, and we've had a great time lately discussing all kinds of Biblical issues, church doctrine, etc.

Ok. For now, that's all the news that's fit to print. Im sure there will be more that I COULD have written, but its late and I wanna get to bed. :-) SO for now. Good night... and Good Luck!

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