Friday, February 24, 2006

Homecoming Neuroses

Homecoming has officially been published. WAHOO! Not only that, the ship is docking a day earlier than previously supposed. HOWEVER, the boys still may not get HOME until that original date so Im not changing my ticker YET. What if by doing so I jinxed it and they were, say, another day late beyond the day late they already might be? Yes, I think it is official. I have become the neurotic navy wife lying in wait for her husband with soon-to-be polished fingers and toes, plucked eyebrows, and slinky clothings. In the meantime, while waiting, Im the neurotic who is lying in wait in a messy house, waiting until the time is closer so that I can fill the entire last week with a flurry of activity and not end up chewing holes in the desk, or going really crazy and trying to clean the chimney all by myself.

Dont YOU wish you were here?


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