Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dateline: Memphis, TN

I was going to do a really long informative post about our trip (just wait until you hear about the sites of Vegas that I saw...urgent care center, pharmacy... it was thrilling) but have decided that should wait. You see, while we've been in TN/AK for the last 3 days and have been raving over the food, the weather, the scenery, etc., we finally felt we had actually arrived in the SOUTH this evening. Hubband was browsing through the classifieds looking at jobs and puppies (our priorities are set, you see) and suddenly whooped with laughter. He turned to me and said "You know you're in the South when..." and showed me an ad for a "Goldern Retriever". Those Gol-derned dogs. We just might have to get one in a few months!

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