Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Wedding Cake

As most of you know, I was hired to create my first ever wedding cake for this weekend. The wedding was this afternoon, and here are some pictures of the finished product! What do you think?

To answer some of the questions...
1) All the flowers are silk, to match the silk ones in the bride's bouquet (the roses) and to complement those roses (the red "coral" and hyacinth)
2) Why make creme brulee when I know the QUEEN will make it for me? :-)
3) I designed the whole thing, from top to bottom, and did all the flower combinations, too. I think the flower placement and combinations took me almost as long as assembly on the day of the wedding! I had no 2nd opinions, so I'd place them, look at them for a few minutes, move them, place them again, stare intently, fix the frosting, move them.... you get the idea. hehe.


mrspooley said...

gor-gee-us! wheee! I bet you're super glad that's over! (sigh of relief) I'm very impressed. are those real roses on there or silk ones?

Queenie said...

Effing FABULOUS. I throw myself at the feet of the awesomeness that is you making wedding cakes.
But how's yer creme bruleeeeeee?

Xboyd said...

Beautifully done! Did you put together the rose bunches, or did the bride have them ready for you? How was transporting the cake: okay, fully anxiety ridden, wet, ?

I'm glad you are having fun with the cake stuff I gave you. Maybe we'll inspire CB2 to take a turn at it on O's BD.


Janeen said...

It looks wonderful!

Miabird said...

...and tell me why, again, you are an editor/writer and not a cake architect?