Friday, December 21, 2007

Not so prolific lately

For some reason I have had trouble coming up with the energy (ENERGY?) to write lately. I think almost daily "I should post today" and nothing comes of it. It isn't as though we don't have a lot going on to be written about.... renovations, the tree that blew over in a storm last weekend and smooshed part of our pool, Ella getting bigger every day and finding my bladder a GREAT trampoline, Hubband passing all his classes, Christmas shopping, the church Christmas program... all of these things have been part of our life for the last 2 weeks, but have I felt up to putting them into an interesting post? No. And here I am posting a wordy excuse that basically just says my words are lost.

Can you help me find them, or did they vanish along with half of my memory when I got pregnant?

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jen&nick said...

Awwwwwwwww the delight's of pregnancy!! And you want to do this how many more times??? Yah I would do it again.

Happy Holidays

Jen and Nick