Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Intentions

It was one of those weeks where I vowed to write "real" blog posts, call Queenie during naptime so there was no shrieking offspring interrupting the phone call (at least on our end), cook "real" meals, clean the house from top to bottom, organize the closets, banish dust bunnies, and go to bed early. This "real" post? Is the first of that list that I have actually accomplished...and it's Friday.


I have accomplished a lot of things this week though:
1. Caught up at work, finally, for what feels like the first time since I came back from maternity leave
2. Cuddled my daughter
3. Played with my daughter
4. Took pictures of my daughter smearing rice cereal all over her face
5. Caught up on laundry (if you'd seen the before pile, you would know how big of an achievement this was)
6. Spent quality time with Hubband

Looking over my list I realize that my good intentions were all perfectly logical, reasonable, and in the case of the phone call to Queenie, FUN tasks. But none of them were as GOOD as numbers 2, 3, and 6 of the list of things that I actually accomplished. So while most would say that my good intentions hadn't been realized? I would say that the Best Intentions were filed neatly away into the "DONE" drawer.

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Xboyd said...

And really, you did the best things first....remember the poem, "A hundred years from now..." Really, really wish I were there to share these days with you'all