Friday, October 17, 2008

Four Years (minus a few hours....)

At approximately 4:20 pm this afternoon Hubband and I will officially have been husband and wife for 4 years. As I type this, our daughter is racing around in her "car" and shrieking at the dog. Right there is a lot to show for our 4 years! I think back to the first time I met him, dressed in our 90's grunge finery, me barefoot, he with bright green contact with waist-length blond hair, he with a short skater cut. That night, I told my roommate he was the kind of guy I would marry one day.

In the 13 years that I've known him he has been my confidant, friend, lover, shoulder to cry on, and comic relief. We have laughed long, cried hard, loved intensely. Thank you for the wonderful years, my Love. I look forward to all of the years and experiences yet to come.

Happy Anniversary!

(Do you think he knew what he was getting into when he proposed?)


Xboyd said...

That's why I've been teary this morning! I forgot your anniversary...I kept thinking it was the 21st? Duh. Happy fourth anniversary.......Wow! You two have lived a lot of life in those four years! I hope the next four are a little less hectic and even more full of sharing, love and growth all around! You are loved, loved, loved!

K'sKorner said...

happy anniversary luveys :D

I'm so blessed to have been there in the beginning and now :)