Saturday, October 04, 2008

Retrospective Tuesday

This last week we had an opportunity, thanks to Krissa (who got free tickets for us) and Stacy and Brian (who babysat for us) to go on our 2nd post-baby, baby-free outing. Krissa's radio station had some extra comp seats to the opening night of Avenue Q at the Orpheum here in Memphis and the 3 of us went. It was a blast! I wasn't sure what to expect, as my only exposure to the show had been through an Ace of Cakes episode where Duff and the gang made a replica of the stage in cake. I was pleasantly surprised not just at the show for entertainment quality, but of the number of messages that were presented and concepts put "out there" to get the audience thinking. We laughed pretty darn hard during the show, but I think we laughed even harder in the car on the way home. Krissa felt pretty good about the fact that she got me laughing so hard I snorted, and Hubband was on a rare roll of teasing me with full support from the peanut gallery.


Xboyd said...

I'm so happy you two got to go out together! And laugh! You both have marvelous laughs, snorts and all!

Fiesty said...

Hi Lady Boyd! It's Fiesty, that chick in Washington's friend! I have to comment here because we got to see Q earlier in the year and loved it! Glad you had a fabulous time!!!