Friday, December 05, 2008

What's been keeping me busy?

While I have yet to find a new job, a freelance project has been taking an inordinate amount of my time lately. Inordinate because of the amount of time I've had to put in for the amount of money that will be returned. Granted, I think if I took another of these projects I would do much better timewise, but its getting harder and harder to work with Ella...and I'm burned out I think. So other than the freelance job, I've actually procrastinated on doing anything about my job situation this week. Instead, I've done laundry:

Induced smiles:
And made an iPod cake for a church member's 13th birthday. I forgot to take pictures until we'd already taped it into the box and the client was here picking it up, so this is all I have for now. I think it turned out great though. What do you think?

Hubband is currently at a choir rehearsal with the church choir. Their Christmas program is next SAbbath, so these last few rehearsals are quite important. Last night, I put up the Christmas tree here at home, and Hubband got the decorations and ornaments down for me this evening. I'm trying to find the energy to go decorate it. Someone wanna shoot some coffee my way or something?

Oh, wait, someone did! THANK YOU, Queenie, for the pumpkin spice and beautiful mug and book of insights for moms. JUST what I needed this week and I'm off to snuggle into a chair, look at my undecorated tree, and read with my pretty mug steaming beside me.

Happy Sabbath everyone!


Anonymous said...

Awesome cake! One of the ladies at work makes cakes too. She said that she was so busy at Thanksgiving she had to turn some down. I was quick to point out that I know an awesome baker who would be willing to step in! I'll let you know if I hear more. Love the pic of El in the basket.

Xboyd said...

Great pictures! And the cake! Wow!!!! That fondant looks perfect! I bet the 13 year old was thrilled! Did you get paid enough for it? You are so loved!

LadyBoyd said...

And what's even better? That's butter cream that I smoothed. No fondant involved at all!!!!!!

Anca said...

WOW! That looks gorgeous! A 13 year old dream. I want a red one on my birthday (just kidding). I also procrastinate with laundry :)

Janeen said...

Buttercream? Are you serious, you are insane! Really, it looks awesome! Next time, let me know and I'll give you a whole list of procrastination ideas. :)
Ella looks precious. It's not so easy to work with a tot around. Especially one that is so cute and smart. If you need commiseration, I'm always available . . .