Friday, January 02, 2009

Counting My Blessings

I can't believe how long it has been since I sat down at the blog and actually wrote something.

This winter has been a struggle for me, emotionally. There are highs and lows and the feeling inadequate because I'm not supporting the family and not able to do the things for my friends and family that I wanted to do... then there has been the guilt because so many of our friends and family were/are so amazingly generous. Because of all this mish mash of feelings, I decided instead of a traditional new year list of resolutions, I would make a list of blessings.

  • Our Christmas tree was overflowing with gifts this year, and we feel so very blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives. I only wish that I could win the lottery or something and do exactly what I want to do for EACH of you, as well the little gag funny gifts that I see all year round (Diva Pig cooky jar, Queenie!).
  • Every day with Eleanor. Even when I'm tired and she is cranky and pulling at me and whining and breaking things or WHATEVER... she just has to look at me and I melt inside. She's becoming such a little individual, with all the best parts of both of us and some of the bad parts too (she has my patience level...).
  • Unemployment benefits and Severance pay. I was thinking the other day how much worse this would be for us if the government hadn't created unemployment benefits and if my company hadn't seen fit to provide some severance pay. In a way, for the next couple of weeks, we are actually going to be receiving MORE income than before I was laid off. Of course, only for those couple of weeks... then its dropping precipitously. BUT, this is about the blessing of being able to pay down some debt before the cliff edge is reached!
  • Family. Always there for us, an ear to laugh or cry into...advice when needed (and sometimes not)...We just are so lucky that not only do we LOVE our family, we LIKE them too!
  • Friends. When I left NY I worried that I would find no friends and I found the B's and the Garbers. When I left Oak Harbor, I worried I would find no friends and I ended up with renewed friendships from years ago as well as new friendships. We also have a great church family who provides support when we need it.
  • Our pets. Sometimes I don't feel blessed by them, I must admit, but Priscilla and the Kids do bring a healthy dose of laughter and cuddles into our house.
  • Hubband. I'm lucky to be loved by him.

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Xboyd said...

And my blessing is You! You love my first born dearly (I know how hard it can be sometimes!) I am blessed by your bringing E into my life and broadening my world view with your and your original family's experiences!