Wednesday, February 25, 2009

12-Month Stats

We took Ella to the new pediatrician yesterday for her 12-month visit and shots. We were happy enough with our old pediatrician, but after my lay-off we were forced to look for a new one because they did not accept TriCare. I'm so so glad we did! Her new doc is young and energetic and knowledgeable and personable, the office has a totally separate well-waiting room (which I wanted and was told didn't exist in Memphis. HA!), the staff all are friendly and helpful (even on the phone...). El's nurse played peek a boo with her using the door of the exam room for about 3 minutes, both of them giggling (although El was a little shy at first, and I think felt quite betrayed when the same lady stabbed her in the legs just a few minutes later).

The doctor did his exam and asked a few questions. Here is the rundown!

She is 21 pounds 9 ounces (50th-75th percentile) and 30.75 inches tall (95th percentile). Her head circumference is 46.5 cm and in the 75th percentile. She is advanced for her age on verbal and motor skills (he was very impressed with the number of words she uses regularly) and right with her age for pretty much everything else.


Tiger Eye said...

GAH! You put a GARTER on my niece's head!

K'sKorner said...

ahh, she's so cute!

Can hardly believe She'll be One in a day!

Wish I could come to the B-day party. Glad to hear she's doing so well. :)

Lub ya all!

Xboyd said...

With two parents who love to talk, of course her verbal skills are high!!!! She has to keep up! And high in motor skills? Good for her! She certainly didn't get that from my side of the family!