Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ella's Accomplishments

I've been inspired by the Pooleyatici to document El's achievements to date:

Running -- yes
Walking -- yes
Dancing -- yes
Tripping -- yes, occasionally (after all, she is my daughter)
Shaking head no
Shrugging shoulders

Pinching/picking up small items -- yes

Beh Beh -- dolly and bear, interchangably
Dut -- duck
oggah -- doggy
dada -- daddy
mama -- mama
dun -- done
dut -- what
dat -- that (usually said in a questioning tone while pointing. dat? dut? dat?)
bah -- bath
beanbe -- binks/blankie usually said at naptime
Titai -- Titai
Bod dull -- bottle ("ba ba bod bod dull bod dull" while prancing/pointing at bottle)
Czihczuh -- Scilla (Priscilla)
Bubba -- Bubba! (Obie) This one is new, just happened yesterday!


mrspooley said...

Yeay Ella!
Isn't it nice when you know what they're thinking? Well, at least part of the time? :)
Oliver has added signs for cow, horse, banana and drink to his vocab. He also says nana for banana and sta for stop, gah for go. Everyday it's something new.

Xboyd said...

My grandchildren! So very, very intelligent and beautiful!

K'sKorner said...

woohoo! :)