Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A 7-Up Soup Moment

I had another of those moments today. You know the ones, they make you blush, shudder, and/or cringe in memory. Any long-time reader of mine knows the saga of the 7-Up Soup...well, today's episode can't be placed at someone else's kitchen, thank goodness, but it IS a clear indication of the state of my brain lately.

A few weeks back my friend Kristy gave me some Friendship bread starter. I made a batch and was quite impressed with the yummy stuff. Yesterday, my starter was due for a bake off again, but I forgot about it. This morning I attacked it first thing, measuring and stirring and feeding the baby and making coffee (those other things are my excuse for what happened). I got it into the oven, set the timer, and went blithely on my merry way. The timer duly went off and I went to check the bread. Lo and behold, it hadn't risen! Hmm, thought I, perhaps it needs to cook longer! 20 more minutes went on the clock and when I checked again.... nope. Still the consistency of a... well, baked pudding is the best comparison I can give!

Disgusted, and wondering if it were the fault of my baking powder, or perhaps the starter being a day late for bake? I wrote to several friends expressing my frustration with the stupid stuff (WHY WOULDNT IT RAISE!) As I went through the kitchen to put away a few things on the counter I noticed the bag of flour sitting there. I had opened it to use for the bread and when I put in the amount needed for the starter I'd set it aside for use in the bread. Wait. Did I use it in the ....Oh. Crap.

Yes. It was one of THOSE moments.


Xboyd said...

Honey! Too much, too busy! Take a nap! (Although I did have to giggle..how many times have I been in a similar predicament?

TSatisdee said...

Friendship bread is Of the Devil anyhoo....thirty loaves later you're STILL trying to find friends who won't kill you for starting a conversation with "so, ya like bread?..."