Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slow Sunday

I'm feeling more than a little anxious the last couple of days--on pins and needles over the job (will I get an offer? will they send me on my job-hunting way again?), worrying about the baby (she had a fever last night of near 103 after a full day of high fevers no matter what we did...thankfully today, no fever!), worrying about Hubband (he's been sick), fretting over the house not being PERFECT (I'm supposed to have a perfect house, doncha know), etc. Finally it all came to a head today I think and I was pretty blissfully lazy! It was very nice to have a slow Sunday...Hubband may not agree that it WAS a slow Sunday, as he's been out in the backyard building a custom desk and rack for his new studio computer (which he is also in the process of building). However, Ella took 2 naps of >2 hours today, which means that I got a nap and some computer time and some straightening time and dishes time and reading time felt like 6 days all rolled into one! Amazing what naptime can do. Between naps, El and I played with her toys and listened to music, watched Daddy work on his desk, and took an excursion to the library. Now just to get through tomorrow (Monday's are horrible for us this semester AND its the day of the final interview for the position that I'm still under consideration for GNASH GNASH GRIND TEETH.

>deep breath<

Ok. Back to my zen state. I think I'll watch me some food network and read a book this evening while Hubband is outside working on his desk and such. And even though my new pills are giving me stomachaches and I should probably eat mild food, I'm going to splurge myself and have a big plate of nachos with veggie beef and homemade salsa. Adios!

(the obligatory overdose of cuteness!)

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What new pills?