Monday, August 16, 2010

First day of school

Toddler Princess started "School" today. A 2-day a week program called "Parent's Day Out" at a local church. She was thrilled, Mama was trepidatious. We got to the school about 20 minutes early, but I wasn't concerned. They have early dropoff available and I figured I would take at LEAST those 20 minutes to ease away so she wouldn't be upset or feel scared. We walked in the doors and there was her classroom! Covered with kittens on the door and with her two teachers and few of her classmates already inside. I signed her in and we went inside to find her cubby. By the time her teacher had introduced herself and I'd hung up her backpack and stowed her lunch and nap mat, the Princess was playing with toys on the other side of the room. I called her over for a bye bye hug and reminded her to obey her teacher. I went across the hall to pay her fees and figured I'd hear her calling for me. Nope, she just wanted Beau and Dadoh. Her teacher leaned over the door and asked quietly if she could have them when she asked and I said that's fine, whenever! I stayed and listened a few more minutes, but she was obviously not upset. She'd not progressed to laughing and chatter yet, so I know she was feeling a little insecure, but I have a feeling the lure of the toys overcame her shyness fairly quickly. I left the school and by the time I'd taken 3 steps I was sobbing. I cried all the way home. >sigh<

My baby is growing up too fast!

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Xboyd said...

Isn't it comforting to know that you are in a class with all the other outstanding moms who cry when their kids go to 'school'?