Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Second Day.

So, I didn't get a picture of her today because she spent most of the morning hurrying me out the door so she could get to SKOOL, MAMA! Once there, however, she had a moment of bashful-clinging-to-Mama-ness that cracked my resolve. Luckily, there was a train table available to distract her and by the time I said goodbye, she didn't even care enough to look up from the trains to wave.

In other news, I've officially done it again. Overloaded myself in a few ways. This time, its because I gave in to the temptation and desire for CAKE! CAKE! CAKE! experience and agreed to deliver a cake on a Thursday when I am planning to be gone for the weekend, can't start it until Thursday, and originally was going to LEAVE on Thursday. We're now leaving on Friday, so hopefully I can get everything done in time. My goal for the long weekend... LEAVE THE LAPTOP BEHIND. I figure they can get along without me for Friday and half of Monday.

Crud. Reminds me I need to talk to the Skool about letting El come in on a different day next week.....

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Xboyd said...

I'm proud of you for letting go! And from the fb notes, it sounds like you let go of making the cake, too. I know it was a hard decision, but good for you!
I love you!