Thursday, April 26, 2007

At Wits End

It was one of those days. You know, THOSE days, where everything seems to go wrong ...and then you stub your toe.

I've been having some problems with the VPN for work, nothing really major, but it takes about twice as long to up/download work as usual. Mildly aggravating. Except suddenly it doesn't want to let me even log in to my desktop and I spend a frustrating 10 minutes beating the computer keys into submission.

The dog appears to have decided that sleep and calm, rational behavior were for sissies and proceed to bark, paw, chew, yelp, jump, chase, bounce, gnaw, bite, trod on, and otherwise violate every animate or inanimate object in the house. I am against corporeal punishment of animals, but she got her nose bopped, her bottom tapped, and her ears lightly smacked. She spent hours in "time out", which consists mostly of her pressing her snout to the glass of the back door and howling piteously. Then she would come back inside and chew up my wallet (real leather), knock the cats food dish off the table where it sits and break it (I hand painted the dish), eat my chips off my plate while I was getting water, pee in the hall 10 minutes after I took her out for "potty", drag a book off the shelf and parade with it around the living room (that's when she got the bottom smack. She's already chewed up 2 books that are VERY hard to replace as well as a library book), chase my shoes around the room (with me still in them), and attack the cats. Why did we get a puppy again?

Work issues have begun to rear their ugly heads. Just the kind of things that will require some reorganization of life, the universe, and everything. The floors of the house are still only half finished, and I got a splinter. The TIVO cut off the one single part of American Idol that I wanted to see (Bono! WOO!)... and I gave up and went to bed. Except, my knee was really bothering me and I couldn't sleep.

We paid our very last car payment on Rosie the Saturn. >cue cheers and dancing and confetti<

Of course. Last week? Her starter decided to start...dying. It just goes to show...erm...something. I'm sure.


Xboyd said...

Oh, I do sympathize! My week was also very, very hard....pulled a shoulder blade muscle.

and.. I always did wonder why you got a puppy?!
:o) Oh yes, the one with big long lashes and blue eyes really, really wanted one!

Xboyd said...

PS. Big congrats on getting Rosie paid off!

K'sKorner said...

Yeah, I can do a little sympathizing . . . my pups have gone a little haywire today. Tore up a couple of potts (with dirt and at least one with a plant) to start with. It's a puppy stage! hehe

woohoo, on the car :) tho . . . erm . . ;)