Monday, April 02, 2007

Summer Sunday

Do you know how hard it is to cook, type, paint, work, etc with your finger all bandaged up? You’ll never know how many spaces got smooshed and/or missed all together in this post… and the misspellings! If I hadn’t gone back over it time and again yiu;d have ended upo seeing siomethibng luje thus (just for an example…). Anyway, I’m currently on medicines (happy medicines! No sneezing or throbbing finger or itchy eyes or feeling of the burn when on medicines̷ ;) and heavily bandaged, so cooking was not an option this evening. We spent the day FINALLY painting my office (renovations. joy.) and were starving. Since cooking was out, and the dog was hyper, we did the next best thing. See recipe below:

Fetch sunglasses, dog leash, keys, wallet. Pocket all (except the leash). Attach leash to hyper dog. Chase dog around house and stomp on trailing leash to catch her. Open door. Brace self against door while dog runs in circles around the porch. Lock door. Bring dog to heel, grab hand of husband (who has graciously taken leash) and stroll happily hand in hand along streets near home. Turn smartly into parking lot of Sonic. Maneuver around parked cars and take up your post at the ordering post, carefully hitching dog to same. Place order. Eat in fresh air and sunshine, with happy dog getting tidbits (not from me! I swear!). Order large tea to go and reverse process, ambling home on the opposite side of the street. Pretend that that amble before and after said meal will counteract some of the calories. Arrive home. Collapse.

Its a great recipe! I recommend you try it. Feel free to replace the destination with any fast food type establishment that has outdoor dog parking, erm… SEATING.

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K'sKorner said...

Bandaged finger typing . . yeah! Got it! Been there . . . doing that. hehe. It get's better eventually. I can now type with more of my fingers. only the one with now the bandaid :D should wear brace maybe, but it is more of a hassle then it's worth. :D ok, so, ummm, how exactly did you burn it?