Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Feeling... old.

This weekend was a busy one, but besides the burning of the finger and the painting of the office and all our assorted and sundry duties at church on Sabbath we took a little time off on Saturday night to play. Its been a while since we "out" anywhere other than a movie or dinner... or a run to Home Depot (ahh, home depot. With its romantic lighting and fresh lumber smell... the perfect date! Right?). My friend Krissa from high school has graciously shared her friends E and J (Although I think we may have stolen them even if she tried to hide them from us because they? are Fun!). J is a musician and some friends of his from Boston were here with their band The Vital Might, playing in a bar about a mile from our house. We got "duded" up (ie, I put on makeup and high heels with my jeans) and met them there for a night on the town. Of course, E and J just closed on their first home and had spent the day painting, Krissa had helped them paint, taught SS, fulfilled other duties at her church, and played chauffeur. Needless to say, we all were tired. We met, we sat, we giggled at the people who were at the bar because seriously, are you even supposed to BE at a bar when you look that young? We talked over the music (yelled. loudly.), and tried not to let the white guy in the white suit with the hippie sunglasses see that we were laughing at him (we couldn't figure out if he was trying to be Heath Ledger a la "Ten Things..." or John Lennon....). In the end, we all gave up and left. At around 10 pm. Yes. A night out on the town consisted of us sitting around chatting, enjoying the music but feeling it was definitely too loud, and wondering why all the "kids" were out when they were obviously too young to be missing that 8 pm curfew. >sigh< So much for being the "hip young things", eh?


Xboyd said...

Catching up on the blogs: that pic of A is a combo of Terry, Johnny, his Grandpa and him. It was weird to me to see all his relatives in his face. Is that good or bad?

As to your 'owie' and Summer Sunday: Sorry about that finger! Yikes, girl, be careful! And the summer Sunday? Oh, how I'd like one! I got a taste when friends visited, but it wasn't very warm!

Janeen said...

Hey, are you still alive out there?