Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Just Typical

I have my first ever prenatal appointment tomorrow. It was scheduled for 9:15 am, a good time for us as it meant I wouldn't have to take as much of the day off work and Hubband could pick up an evening shift if he wanted to. We made this appointment a MONTH ago. This afternoon, a mere 15 hours or so from appointment time, I got a phone call from the doctor's office saying "oops, we made a mistake, she won't be here in the morning! We're going to move your appointment, mmm'k?".


I know that it is still tomorrow, they only moved it to 1145, but because of paperwork to be filled out and such, I'll basically end up taking the entire day as a personal day and spend the bulk of it sitting in a waiting room. I make doctor appointments early because then you're the FIRST IN LINE. You don't have to deal with "the doc is running a bit behind today, please wait another 2 hours". >sigh<

Ok, moaning done. At least this time tomorrow I'll have 2 things I don't have today:

1) a prescription for a safe anti-nausea medicine that I can take on those days where I've spent more time in the bathroom than anywhere else (most days)
2) the answer to the age old question of "one, or two?"


K'sKorner said...

GRRRR!! I feel for you with the mis-schedule

In any case, I'm praying for you guys :)

Lub ya!

Anonymous said...

Hope all went well. I'm praying for all three of you.