Thursday, October 18, 2007

Embarking on our 4th year....

Yesterday was Hubband and I's anniversary and we celebrated in style by installing the floor in the living room. We got most of it in and then dolled ourselves up and braved the tempest (literally--Memphis had flash flood and tornado warnings last night) to go out to our favorite restaurant in the area. We'd dickered back and forth with the idea of going someplace "new", but the Grove won out.

We indulged ourselves and shared a spinach and goat cheese salad and had steaks. Mine? Was on a bed of gorgonzola mashed potatos, with a brandy cream sauce, and some fresh rosemary that I gleefully ripped to shreds and scattered around the plate. It was so yummy! Hubband says Im probably the only person to actually USE their garnish. :-) We finished up with a pecan tart and vanilla gelato with COFFEE (mine was decaf, but STILL!).

We blew home and fetched into our foyer like drowned rats, giggling as the umbrella tried to race down the road with the wind. Went straight to the bedroom to change out of our soaked clothes and as we stepped into the room, lightning hit a transformer down the street (zing. pop. BOOM) and the lights went out. So the rest of our anniversary was romantic indeed, fully candlelit!

Hubband woke me up this morning with a kiss and a murmured "Happy 4th year". How did I get so lucky?


Anonymous said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see the new floor.

Xboyd said...

What! Oh, No! Why am I thinking your anniversary was the 21st? Gulp. Senioritis strikes again! I'm glad you are safe and sound. How long to get the electricity back on?

And yeah! I can't wait to see all the flooring! Ummm. Must be heavenly.

K'sKorner said...

OH MAN!!!! I missed it!

Happy 4th year Anniversary :)

sounds like it was productive, romantic and all around full of surprises. hehe

Janeen said...

Congrats! Enjoy every moment you can.