Monday, October 08, 2007


So I was wrong... again...which puts my average at 100% WRONG with guessing baby genders be they of friends, family, or self. Hubband says that means I'm also 100% right if you figure that its always the opposite of what I say. :-)

The appointment went well, everything looks like its where and when it should be, although she's a little bigger than her original dates so they moved our due date to Feb. 24 now. We're wondering if she may make an appearance on her Grandpa Boyd's birthday (the 26th).

They weren't able to get a good shot of her face, so we get another US next visit. Everything they COULD see looked good, no spina bifida, no down's, etc. They didn't give us much, but here's some pics of our beautiful little girl!After our appointment, we went to lunch and then picked up our first baby purchases. GIRL purchases. Guess which one I picked, which one Hubband picked, and which one we jointly picked?


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I'm always shocked at how much like un-womb bound babies they look like so soon. BTW, love the camo :)

Xboyd said...

I love you all three!!!!!! PS (I may have chosen a camo, too, but evened it out with lots of frills! :o)

Janeen said...

Yay! More girlies! I'm so excited for you guys!