Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Getting the Giggles

There have been several episodes of "the giggles" this week, which is a good thing since the most commonly used term to describe how Im feeling these days is "short-tempered" (that's the nice version). We got the giggles on the way home from some errands because of a disagreement on how fast it is to get home 2 different routes (I say one is faster, Hubband says the other is), we got the giggles over his drive home from the base on Sunday afternoon, which was perfectly matched by the opera memphis song playing on the radio (right down to the grand finale and final note just as he pulled the brake in the driveway), etc. But I think the best one is the fit of giggles I just had. Im sitting curled up on the couch with my laptop, editing hematology (or trying to... my eyes keep crossing) and suddenly my computer started jumping. I looked down and Ella was kicking with all her might at the edge of the laptop that was touching my tummy. I started laughing, which apparently made her madder, because the kicks got harder and my laptop started doing something I can only call a "lap dance". Once I opened blogger, though, Ella decided that she would rather kick my ribs since the pesky computer wasn't going anywhere. Still. A dancing computer. >squee<

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K'sKorner said...

LOL! Sounds like she may be a girl after my own heart. Using her feet already ;)


She'll be clapping them while laughing real soon :D