Friday, January 18, 2008

The tile saga... concluded

When we left the tile story last it was Thursday evening and we were heading out to a social committee meeting at the church. We got home around 9 pm and jumped right back into the task.

Well, Hubband did anyway. At 8 months pregnant, I was not allowed to do much with the tile. After a lot of pleading and research, however, Hubband agreed to let me lay 1-2 tiles. He got me gloves, he prepared the thinset in a different room, he sat me down on the floor with all my tools, and proceeded to document the results:

Once I was done, he got back to the serious business of laying the rest of the tile. Because of the number of cuts needed and our hectic schedule, he did not finish until 6 am the next morning! By the time the thinset had cured, it was too late to grout, so we spent the Sabbath on beautifully tiled but ungrouted floors. While the thinset cured, Hubband prepped the kitchen for paint.

...and I painted it! (Hubband got all the high parts and the back corners my belly wouldn't let me reach...)

Priscilla helped her Dad clean the thinset off the tiles on Saturday night.

On Sunday, it was groutin' time!
When it was done, Hubband and Priscilla got down to the job of finishing the laundry room. You can see in this pic how helpful Pris is being and how beautiful the floors look!
And so ends the saga of tile! We adore it.

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K'sKorner said...

woohoo! That is so exciting, and yes, lovely tile :D