Thursday, January 10, 2008


The tile is finally going in! Well, it's kind of been going in all week, what with some setbacks in other areas, but the last of it goes down tonight! This is what the dining room looked like when we ran out to a social committee meeting at the church:

Patient dog waiting for Dad to come out of the gated area and play.

King of the hill could care less, as long as you move the stove before too long. Its taking up lounging space in his living room.

Mixing more thinset....but its fun when you get to pour it out on the floor!

I like running my paws through the goop and then leading mom and dad all over the house trying to catch me to clean them off. Its a great game! Of course, then they put that fence up and now I can't get to the goop. What a drag.
Oh, and by the way? All these pics are courtesy of Hubband and I's Christmas gift to ourselves (or Valbirthmas...if you figure its really for all those). We bought a new digital camera last month and it finally arrived today!


Xboyd said...

My son, the miracle worker! What he doesn't know how to do isn't in the dictionary! Ladyboyd, Aren't you glad you married him? He never ceases to amaze me!

LadyBoyd said...

Every day....

Anonymous said...

I'm not used to seeing real flooring! I'm glad it's coming along.

Queenie said...

I SO know how that feels...except dear god the GROUTING, the GROUTING! ARG!