Friday, February 25, 2005


Im figuring out how things work here, and got a picture uploaded with only minimal sweat and tears and gnashing of teeth. So, I will blog a bit more than the first post... about us!

Andrew and I met in 1995 at Walla Walla College and dated for a few months... after we broke up, we stayed close friends, even while he was in Australia for a year! Time and distance did take their toll, however, and we lost touch in 2000. A little over 2 years later Caryn forwarded me his email address and we got back in contact! By Christmas of 2003, Andrew proposed, and we have now been married for a whopping 4 months and 1 week. Exactly. hehe. We live in Oak Harbor, with our 2 cats (Oberon and Titania) and are finally feeling like we are settled... just in time for Andrew to start his workups (Navy man...) and preparations for deployment. Ah well, such is the life of a Navy wife!

The big news this week is that we got cable tv! Hurrah! Of course, now Im a working-from-home woman with no husband in the house for another week and 150 channels of digital television. Hmm. Not good. :-) I have goals that I want to meet on the house (like refinishing a trunk to make it a nice coffee table and making 2 pillows for our couch) and in my work... I really want to get more work done on my novel. Any help, prodding, and fan mail is appreciated. :-)

Ok, now I really should go and do my dishes... like everything else, the housework has suffered a bit this week. But Im QUITE relaxed, and not only have I watched my new cable, I have read 3 books in the last 24 hours! hehe.

Signing off for now, Happy Sabbath everyone!

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