Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday jobs...

ICk! Working on Sunday SUCKS. Of course, when its my own fault for doing nothing constructive on Friday I suppose I shouldn't complain. Talked to Andrew last night on the phone, this workup-but-not-on-the-ship thing is great. I hear he is getting razzed a bit for talking about me, too. >fluttering eyelashes< I hate to say Im proud of that. :-)
So the big news here... Im making coffee and plan to not only get some "real" work done today, but to finish inventorying all of my books (I did one bookcase last week), do 2 loads of laundry, fold the currently clean and wrinkled loads of laundry sitting in and on the dryer, respectively, finish the dishes, finish the sofa pillow I have been working on (just needs the cording completed) and hopefully at least START on the other 2, file the papers in my office, and go through the mail. What do you think, am I a bit optimistic for one little Sunday? Caryn gave me some energy with her talk of having vacuumed and done laundry. I hope to grow up as responsible someday soon! (hence the list above...)

Wish me luck, all!

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