Sunday, February 27, 2005

Progress report and rant

Ok, progress first: 1 load of laundry in, 2 on the bed to fold, dishes done, and 3 abstracts on file. Not too shabby.

Rant: Im too much of a control freak to be a Navy wife I think... The stupid orders listings are down for a certain period of each month to allow for updating, etc. This I can understand. What I don't get, and what drives my little anal soul crazy, is why they can't stick to the schedule! According the schedule posted at the time the system went offline, it would be back up in 1 week. That week was up last Wednesday. By Thursday, they had changed it to read that the system would be back online on March 1st at 530 pm. Cool, I figure a week overdue, not too shabby. But now, NOW, they have changed it yet again to state that it will not be back up until MARCH 5! ARGH! We found out we were up for orders on Valentine's Day, and know that we will PROBABLY be moving in November. However, the potential WHERE is still floating in the ether of the Internet, held in suspension by the Navy. >sigh<

Of course, the suspense is good for one thing... time to research! I spent about an hour online this morning looking at the NAS in Sicily (Sigonella), and last week researched Pearl Harbor, Rhode Island, and North Carolina. Nothing like a little diversity to liven up life. hehe. More on the listings and our orders progress as it...well... progresses!

Off now to complete more of my scheduled to do list... I had forgotten about inventory... better do that now.

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