Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday Strain

Ouch! I strained my back/neck somehow when I was stretching this morning and now can hardly move. What a pain! I also didn't go to my Monday Bible study meeting this morning, so the day is off to a not so stellar start. Last night I did finish at least part of my list! I did 5 abstracts, finished the one pillow and remade another one (just have to go buy the cording for the edge and it will be done, too!), worked a bit on the inventory, folding of laundry, and finished the dishes as well as baking bread. Im feeling pretty good about it. Now to carry all that energy over into today! It's a good day for working, cloudy and windy but still with that little hint of spring that says that the bluster will have daffodils in it if you sniff hard enough.

Titania is sitting on the floor next to my chair gently patting my leg so I will put it down and let her in my lap. Her favorite places while Im working are either in my lap or on top of the printer (see the picture below!). Obie has taken himself off downstairs so we girls are relishing the momentary peace.

In other news, Andy finished the painting he was doing for the Fallon clinic and was quite pleased. I can't wait to see the pictures! They had asked someone to paint the carrier air group symbol on the wall so he did it. :-)

Ok, off to harness that Sunday energy and put it to work today!

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