Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas in Connecticut

A great movie, and my life this year! Im here in CT at my sister's house (all of the house is asleep except me, and Im SUPPOSED to be working). I got in last night after a relatively uneventful but extremely drawn out day of traveling. Its strange to me that after 2 years away it still feels like home when I fly in over NY harbor. >sigh<

Was nice today to meet the girls for lunch, though, and G remembered me immediately this time! hurrah! Ash said she was in the car even talking about seeing "Aunt Cole and Aunt Kissy" :-) So cool. We all met up down at the Market near Nic's house. Its a little family run grocery and grill and antique store that is one of a kind and just wonderful. I got there a little early, walked down from the house while the girls were running errands, and read while I drank my coffee. I had one of my "moments" ... was reading and basking in the glow of the winter sun and the warmth of the fire from the fireplace behind me and then overheard a man say a simple phrase... "My wife called in the order". That phrase, combined with the Christmas music and already missing Hubband caused a small sniffling session. For some reason the casual hominess of the man picking up lunch for he and his wife just made me miss A even more... miss the CHANCE for those kinds of encounters I guess. Not long after, White Christmas came on the radio (the "real" version by Bing) and that sniffled me, too. Im such a sap.

Ash loved her bday gifts...especially the bulbous brownish/purply one with the blue splotches. I know that sounds DREADFUL, it is really a handmade vase with a really cool glazing technique. She has loved it for years (the glazing technique, that is), and I recently found out that the artist lives in my town! Who knew?! Went to his gallery with Q the other day and we were both dazzled. :-) I got Ash 2 pieces and she loved them both, but particularly was pleased with the one above.

Its 130 am ET, and Im supposed to be working, and here I sit tapping away to the inter-world and reveling in the "homey" sound of sirens in the distance. I think Im just a hopeless New Yorker. I mean, what other wacked out person would be blogging at nearly 2 am and get a sense of home from the sound of police cars? Of course, it could just be me...

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